November 2014

Wet painting carrier

Spent some time at the weekend preparing some board for painting. Also made this wet painting carrier from a design idea on Marc Delassio’s blog. I recycled a broken portfolio, but I think it will do!

Emswoth large drawings in ink.

Due to the poor weather I had to complete these drawings off site. It’s looking a little brighter here this afternoon so I may get out…… (32x47cm and 53x53cm’s respectively are the above sizes)

Rainy Emsworth

Dodged some rather heavy showers today in Emsworth to draw a little. Working on a larger drawing now as a follow up….,on the kitchen floor.

Windy Emsworth

Yesterday I got out in the very strong wind for a while to draw in Emswoth. It was a very high tide as it’s also full moon. The path I intended to use was flooded right over with moor hens swimming along it.

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