July 2015

#Aberaeron #Wales 

        The frustrations of the interrupted ..mum? wife? holidaymaker?….. Or is it artist? Lovely West Wales.  Well there’s nothing that’s finished here but if you were wondering what I’ve been up to – I fit my art round family life, so sometimes I have the opportunity to be  more productive than at other times. …

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Copied sketch. 

  I grabbed the wrong sketchbook on Sunday and had to do this sketch on the lining page of my full book – with a biro line scribbled in the centre! So here’s a nicer page – wouldn’t you prefer this one guys?

#Jerwood Drawing Prize

  It’s all ready to take up to Wimbledon in the morning – my first ever entry to the Jerwood Drawing Prize! Apologies for the foot – but at least it gives an idea of scale. Anyone able to pop round and sprinkle on some magic dust before I leave? 

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