@OrielYnysMon #drawing #kyffinwilliams See you there?


Here is my plein air piece which is in the Kyffin Williams Drawing Prize, actually in the process of being worked on…sunlight…shadows…and without the building in the rear yet. My (new) framer tells me that that building, (he’s also a guide onboard HMS Victory) is haunted! It was a hot day in summer 2014 – not a thought of ghosts!

This joins two other drawn studio pieces in the drawing exhibition, with the PV being this Friday 🙂

 All the work from HMS Victory built towards my Fine Art MA final exhibition, but  it’s amazing to think that pieces from these three months work, have also taken me to Winner of The Spice Island Art Trail Portsmouth 2015,  Sunday Times Watercolour Finalist 2015 and to the Kyffin Williams Drawing Prize final 2015!

Now….where is the next unique place or environment that I can work in…..?

For more information on the drawing prize exhibition visit Oriel Ynys Môn, Anglesey’s website. (Linked from my News and Events page).

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