3 thoughts on “#London #LondonPlaneTree #TowerOfLondon #ink #drawing #PleinAir

  1. Im always curious how long art takes other artists. Sometimes I wonder myself … should this be taking so long? Is it ok that I am stuck on this part of the drawing or where do I go next for inspiration. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

  2. Thank you!
    Well this is a single sheet of paper and seemed to go ok first time (not always the case) so a few hours…..or as I say to people who ask ……a few hours or 47 years. Depends how you look at it 🤔
    I plan it out first in a small sketch or complete smaller copy in my sketchbook though. This one just went well. It was sunny. I was fresh (not the end of a long day) so it was all ok.
    Thanks for asking.

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