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In January I will be teaching watercolour and ink, in London (more details to follow – email me through my contact page for early info) and here are a sample selection of brushes that participants will need. It’s far easier to post a photo than describe! Spend what you feel comfortable with; no need to break the bank. You will only need two sizes of house painting brushes – we will only work very large once. Take careful note of the bristle shapes; some square, some pointed.

 Beware of washing watercolour brushes in detergent, as it can seriously affect the way watercolour paper responds to washes – better to flush out with lots of water. That’s why my brushes look grubby. 

A dipping pen is a good investment or a very hard 4H+ pencil. I also have a very cheap set of 3 Chinese brushes that are very useful too. Of course you can have other brushes as well. 

Next week I shall adding a post about colour mixing. 

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