Newbury Private View

So it’s finally here! Newbury Art Fair and the PV held this evening! Heaps of gratitude to all who travelled especially to see me 🙏 and lovely to meet other fair visitors too. Thank you new collectors ❤️ So looking forward to tomorrow and Sunday….😍 I’m rather tired after a long set up day and PV….beauty sleep required now before my Ink demo tomorrow afternoon ✒️💕 1-2pm @contemporaryartfairs @princestrust

San Vincente de la Barquera rocks on the beach with Eucalyptus trees.

The great outcrop of rocks on this amazing #surfersbeach – from the other direction … simple yet complex colours…and hazy spray afternoon light with the typical and tall eucalyptus tree shapes on the shore. Interesting to paint the sand markings of footprints and pitch lines.
#oil #pleinair @britpleinair #oilpainting #allaprima #Spain #beach #rocks #marine @Jacksons_art @WinsorAndNewton

Open Studios is Open!

A warm welcome an invitation to my Open Studio starting now! I am part of #hampshireopenstudios for the 4th year since my MA; it’s a FREE county wide annual event so please tell all your friends. Come and meet me – maybe see me work or any of the other 249!!!! artists taking part at #Fareham

I’m open August 20-26th 10-5pm 🌝 but 23rd August 11-9pm 🌙! 11-13 East Street, PO16 0BW

Really hope you can pop by!


Teeny weeny 10x15cm #twilight #night #oilpainting of the viaduct in #Fareham #Hampshire with #CamsHall lit up from last evening.


Small detail of Teeny weeny 10x15cm #twilight #night #oilpainting of the viaduct in #Fareham #Hampshire with #CamsHall lit up from last evening.

All ready to go #artist #OpenStudio #ink #watercolour #OilPaint #sketchbooks #Handmade #OriginalGifts #cards #gifts #Fareham #Hampshire #Portsmouth #landscapeartistoftheyear

All ready to go #artist #OpenStudio #ink #watercolour #OilPaint #sketchbooks #Handmade #OriginalGifts #cards #gifts #Fareham #Hampshire #Portsmouth #landscapeartistoftheyear

Why not head over to my #OpenStudio today 10-5pm Saturday November 25th and tomorrow Sunday 26th in #Fareham 11-13 East St. Just past Soothills Bakery. All welcome to browse and chat !

 #farewell to this #Fareham #ink #Hampshire #Viaduct which along with my #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear #WhiteParkBay is #sold 

And it’s also #farewell to this #Fareham #ink #Hampshire #Viaduct 55x150cms which along with my #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear piece #WhiteParkBay #Ireland #coast #beach #watercolour which is a smaller version of my final #commission work on @landscape_artist_of_the_year in 2016, has gone to a new home. Especially sad to see this one go…#markmaking #tone #pattern…..thank you and enjoy!I updated my website yesterday – new things big and small on my for sale page 🎨 🖼 🎁 🎄?

Or head over to my #OpenStudio November 25th and 26th in #Fareham #Hampshire. All welcome!

#farewell to this #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear piece #WhiteParkBay #Ireland #coast #beach #watercolour #StormySky @landscape_artist_of _the_year

Well it’s #farewell to this #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear piece #WhiteParkBay #Ireland #coast #beach #watercolour which is a smaller version of my final #commission work on @landscape_artist_of_the_year in 2016, as it is off to a new collector first thing in the morning! Goodbye and thank you!


@gburneartist Best of luck tonight Gerry! #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear #LOATY Here with fellow artist @Adam_Ralston and me at @PintarRapido 2017

@gburneartist Best of luck tonight Gerry #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear #LOATY Here with fellow artist @Adam_Ralston and me at @PintarRapido 2017



Today in #Fareham #Autumn @rnrmcharity #pleinair #britpleinair #watercolour #sketchbook @royalmarines @royalnavy #fundraising #weightlifting 

Today in #Fareham #Autumn @rnrmcharity #pleinair #britpleinair #watercolour #sketchbook @royalmarines @royalnavy #fundraising #weightlifting I am willing to donate this to the cause if someone contacts the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity and gives them a decent donation and they let me know ???

#ink #drawing #GlyderFach #GlyderFawr #Tryfan #Eryri #YrWyddfa #BritPleinAir #watercolour #Wales @moleskine #SaundersWaterford @StCuthbertsMill

Thank you to #FairOakArtAndCraftSociety for inviting me to #demonstrate on Wednesday evening using #ink I used my #sketchbook #drawings from my recent trip to #Snowdonia and walk up the #mountain routes of #GlyderFach #GlyderFawr #Tryfan #Eryri #YrWyddfa #BritPleinAir #watercolour #Wales and used my favourite #HPpaper #SaundersWaterford @StCuthbertsMill from my favourite #sketchbooks @moleskine

#ItsAWrap #Cheers 🥂@hampshire_open_studios in #Fareham 2017 #OpenStudio 25th and 26th November! #DateForYourDiary 👍

#ItsAWrap #Cheers 🥂@hampshire_open_studios in #Fareham 2017. Thanks to all who bought and supported an artist and visited 😍. Great to meet you all and also many of our new neighbours! Already looking forward to my Winter #OpenStudio 25th and 26th November! #DateForYourDiary 👍

#HampshireOpenStudios #FirstDay #PVTour

All ready for my first day of @hantsopenstudios in #Fareham. Looking forward to meeting everyone….in fact I met a few yesterday (while I was setting up) who arrived early in error….one an amazing lady of 92 who gained her Art BA at the age of 74!Don’t worry if you are a little more ordinary than that – all welcome!

@pintarrapido @DalerRowney @CASSART @Asndlmagazine @Saatchi_gallery #SloaneGardens @SloaneSquareMag

Thanks for a fun weekend @pintarrapido and great to spend time with all the other artists. Here are my two both on 55x75cm sheets of watercolour paper. Thank goodness for my golfing umbrella- just about kept everything dry. Thanks too @DalerRowney @Aandlmagazine @CASSART See you next year #pleinair #britpleinair #ChelseaTownHall #KingsRoad. 

@DalerRowney @Aandlmagazine @CASSART @pintarrapido #pleinair #britpleinair #ChelseaTownHall #KingsRoad 

Today was Pintar Rapido…the plein air art competition on the Kings Rd in Chelsea Town Hall. I worked besides Sloane Gardens and later the Saatchi Gallery. Hello to all the nice people I met. Hope to see you tomorrow for the exhibition 12-5.30pm!! Until then…goodnight I’m shattered!

#thankyou for the extra @hantsopenstudio brochures Mark @elefsartsupplies #stockbridge – Now there will be more available #Fareham near to #SoothillsBakery #helpyourself 👍

#thankyou for the extra @hantsopenstudio brochures Mark @elefsartsupplies #stockbridge – Now there will be more available #Fareham near to #SoothillsBakery #helpyourself 👍

Trying some #cards for @hantsopenstudios over #AugustBankHoliday @Vistaprint #Vistaprint #watercolour #sketchbook

Trying some #cards for @hantsopenstudios over #AugustBankHoliday from @Vistaprint #Vistaprint Using my #watercolour #sketchbook as subjects. Really happy with the results. 

@hantsopenstudios  #Hampshire #OpenStudios #August #Chawton @HantsCulture  @JaneAustenHouse #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear 

 #Hampshire #OpenStudios #August I collected my brochures today for @hampshire_open_studios I am really pleased to be taking part in this event for my third year…although my openings will be limited to the Bank Holiday weekend…I am really looking forward to meeting you and showing you all my stuff! Things from #Chawton @JaneAustenHouse earlier this year and #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear 2016- last year our Summer was really hectic with lots of secret filming #LAOTY at the same time as HOS!! So I am taking things at a slower pace this year….and even having a little holiday with my husband too! 🏛☀️See you in August 😉

#commission #ink #pleinair #britpleinair #JaneAusten #Final #last #end #ThrowbackThursday #WeeklyBlog @JaneAustenHouse #Hampshire @HantsCulture @RKBurt #SaundersWaterford @st_cuthberts_mill #LastPost #review #selection

Well – this really is the end of the commission posts. Here are some small versions of the six selected peices- I will let you know if the intended merchandising is realized incorporating them!

Watercolour of Jane Austen’s writing table top – actual size. 60X60cms Kim Whitby © 2017

Watercolour of The Copper at Jane Austen’s House Museum 76x102cms Kim Whitby ©2017

Ink on paper View into Jane Austen’s  Breakfast Room and Writing Table 75x55cms Kim Whitby © 2017

Oil on canvas, View into Jane Austen’s Breakfast Room with Kettle and Writing Table, Kim Whitby © 2017 40x30cms

Watercolour, Snow drops at Chawton; Jane Austen’s House Museum, Kim Whitby © 2017 20x30cms

Ink on Paper, Winter Sun at Jane Austen’s House Museum, Kim Whitby © 2017 150x55cms approx 

All that remains to say is what a special and unique experience it was to work and create in such an influential place….Jane Austen has been my favourite writer since my A levels many years ago. So you can imagine what a great honour it was to be invited to work there. 

Many thanks to Hampshire Cultural Trust, Jane Austen’s House Museum and all the lovely staff and volunteers at Chawton. ❤️

I will be opening my studio as part of Hampshire Open Studios in Fareham on August 26,27,28th if you would like to see some of the peices and sketchbooks in real life. All welcome

See my News and Events page for full details. 

#watercolour @CASSART #ThankYou #cassart #flattered #NationalTrust @MottisfontNT #mottisfontabbey #gardens @nationaltrust #LondonPlaneTree#PleinAir #britpleinair

I’ve ONLY JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS!! Many thanks for selecting me Cass Art! Apologies I’ve not responded sooner – but no one had let me know – but having said that – rather like a late Christmas present 😊

Our favourite upcoming watercolour artist #watercolour @CASSART #ThsnkYou #cassart #flattered #NationalTrust @MottisfontNT #mottisfontabbey #gardens @nationaltrust #LondonPlaneTree

Our favourite upcoming watercolour artists | Cass Art

#commission #ink #pleinair #britpleinair #JaneAusten #ThrowbackThursday #WeeklyBlog @JaneAustenHouse #Hampshire @HantsCulture @RKBurt #SaundersWaterford @st_cuthberts_mill #LastTrips #review #selection

February 28th 2017

The last chilly trips to Jane Austen House Museum, with the review and selection from my time here by Hampshire Cultural Trust and the museum in partnership. 

I spread all my things out in the education room ….and a few weeks later a final selection of six works was made. These are intended as merchandising starting points….let you know next week what was selected!

#IntroductionToPainting #OilPaint #painting #FabulousWork @aspexportsmouth #teaching @Aspex_TakePart #Portsmouth #Hampshire

Here are my students finished pieces from ‘An Introduction To Painting’ yesterday after only 4 hours! The best picture of the day? Their faces when they stood back and saw how well they had all done! #Portsmouth #Hampshire

#camping #watercolour #artlessons #painting #hmsdaedalus @aspexportsmouth #oil #Portsmouth 

#camping #watercolour #artlessons #painting #hmsdaedalus @aspexportsmouth Looking forward to teaching an introduction to painting in #oil #Portsmouth on Sunday 4th 12-3pm. Found this link on @VisualArtsSW Thanks guys Hope it links!!kim-whitby-hms-daedalus.php

#watercolour #seawhiteshowroom #SeawhiteOfBrighton #WatercolourPaper #teaching #WatercolourAndInk #value #ColourTheory #Hampshire

#watercolour #seawhiteshowroom #SeawhiteOfBrighton #WatercolourPaper #teaching #WatercolourAndInk #value #ColourTheory Getting to grips with applying simple colour theory with primary, secondary and complimentary colours last night here in #Hampshire in my Watercolour and Ink group. Still a chance to join us – catch up session possible!

@rkburtco #BlottingPaper #BeforeAndAfter #ink @jacksons_art #TrafalgarFraming #Bath #TheCircus #PleinAir

 A new delivery of R K Burt blotting paper arrived from Jacksons today. Here’s what happens to it when I get hold of it….and I had some lovely framing back too from Steve. Fingers crossed it makes the selection🤞after submission Saturday. 

#watercolour #ink #Hampshire #Fareham #ArtLessons #ArtCourse @sobshowroom

All set for the start of Watercolour and Ink this evening. Spaces available if you’d like to join us this evening in Fareham? Message me ASAP or look at Hampshire and then Teaching on my website

I popped over to the Seawhite Outlet Showroom last week to pick up a few supplies and say hello to the efficient staff there! Looking forward to trying a few of these products out tonight. 😀

@thatsSolentTV @HantsCulture @aspexportsmouth @JaneAustenHouse #HMSDaedalus #portsmouthguildhall #exhibition #teaching 

Visited Thats Solent TV newsroom yesterday to talk about my HMS Daedalus exhibition in Portsmouth Guildhall cafe with Aspex Gallery and the taught painting session I will do for Aspex in June, and the work I did at Jane Austen House Museum with Hampshire Cultural Trust. Thanks for having me guys 😊

@ThatsSolentNews @PortsmouthGhall @aspexportsmouth @HantsCulture #HMSDaedalus #Hampshire #LeeOnTheSolent 

Had a fun morning filming my HMS Daedalus panoramic painting and exhibition of local places with Solent News – and it will be on TV this evening!!! Many thanks to all involved!

#Hampshire #panoramic @aspexportsmouth @portsmouthGhall #OilPaint #HMSDaedalus @AberArtSchool

How lucky am I? Being invited to exhibit in a venue with a wall long enough for my 9.5 metre panoramic painting of HMS Daedalus? It hasn’t been exhibited in Hampshire before, or since my first MA exhibition in Aberystwyth School of Art. It is now on view at the Aspex exhibition space at the Guildhall cafe in Portsmouth and can be seen until June 2nd. 

#commission #JaneAusten #PleinAir @JaneAustenHouse #Hampshire @HantsCulture @JAusten200

Ink and first watercolour of the Writing Table. Tuesday 24th January.

So sorry to post late! A busy day today.!

All my images have loaded in reverse order! I’m a technical genius!
A day of sketches – (not shown) – and colour mixing – and finding out! Looking is a crucial stage of any artwork. 

Studying the table top carefully, so as to be able to draw and paint it, is fascinating.
The tiny scratches, rings, holes, splits and subtle colour variations tell a story themselves. My imagination runs riot about who, when, how and where the marks were made. Unfortunately the tale top marks are written in a language I don’t speak, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to imagine the events which may have lead to the tables condition.
It’s history. It’s surface is magnetically attractive, and aesthetically appealing. I began to work first in ink, and then in watercolour.
The weather is very cold and drying wet work is a challenge. The room is a heritage setting and heated minimally.  I finished with my first table top watercolour half complete.

Sadly I then had to wait all week before a chance to finish the watercolour – the decorator arrives to paint the room and I have to work elsewhere.

February 17th will see the table leave for a period of protective renovation. I hope to spend as much time with it as possible before then, after the decorator has had his turn.

It’s so early in the year that by the end of the afternoons the light has mostly gone, and evening is well on its way. 

@aspexportsmouth #Daedalus #Portsmouth #Hampshire @VisitHampshire #panoramic

Hanging Saturday 11th! I will be exhibiting my 9 metre long panoramic painting of former naval base HMS Daedalus, at the Guildhall cafe in Portsmouth with Aspex Gallery very soon! I’m excited to see it all hung together for the first time since my MA exhibition in Aberystwyth, and to be sharing it with Hampshire for the first time! Come along and take a look! Starting next week till June! Also lots of my other Hampshire work to see too 😊

#commission #JaneAusten #PleinAir @JaneAustenHouse #Hampshire @HantsCulture #OilPaint

#commission #JaneAusten #PleinAir @JaneAustenHouse #Hampshire @HantsCulture #OilPaint The best day of last week’s outdoor work – then it got COLD! Excited to be able to share this work one day…. I have been looking in, through the window Austen looked out through, as she wrote. Her small writing table clearly in view. How special is that?

#teaching #Hampshire #OilPaint @AshcroftArts #ColourTheory

#teaching #Hampshire #OilPaint @AshcroftArts #ColourTheoryGood work all round in ‘An Introduction to Oil Paint’ at Ashcroft today. We talked colour theory and put it into action on still life! Everyone challenged themselves and made great progress. Well done to all!

#Teaching #FirstOilPainting #colour @AscroftArts #Saturday A few places left!

Two students tried oil paint with me for the first time in Monday and did brilliantly. 

A few places are still available if you fancy trying oils when -I teach for Ashcroft Arts Centre in Fareham this Saturday!! Phone or see their website for more details. tel:01329 20223100

#OilPain #chilli #StillLife #sun

This is the brother of a chilli we ate last night in the pizza I made. It was hot! 
Had a bit of time to paint today but it ended up getting a bit too tight. I think I’d like a few very small linen canvases (note to self)- but this linen surface is lovely to work on. 

I’ve lots of watercolour, oil and ink in production in Jane Austen’s House Museum where I am busy during the week….can’t wait to be able to share some with you. 

@AandImagazine @AberArtSchool @johnharveyaber @ArtAcademy @HantsCulture @aspexportsmouth @pintarrapido @WatercolourComp @OrielYnysMon 

Really flattered to be on Artist and Illustrators magazine’s list of 10! Many thanks to them and all my other arty friends who I’ve met along the way. Happy 2017 to all!

@JaneAustenHouse @HantsCulture #JaneAusten #Hampshire @JAusten200 #watercolour #ink #Chawton

The end of a special first week here in Chawton, where Jane Austen’s house is my base for a unique commission with Hampshire Cultural Trust and the Museum itself. It is a great honour to be in the house as it marks 200 years since Jane Austen’s death. 

 Posts about this will be few and far between, so we can save the surprise of what I am doing for them! 

But many thanks to all at the house and look forward to seeing you again!

Ps I don’t have enough hands for a selfie with my sketchbook!


#London #Teaching #ink #watercolour @ArtAcademy 

Yesterday I taught my first Watercolour and Ink session in London at The Art Academy. What a fun bunch you were! The day flew. We explored tone and building areas of washes with still life subject matter. And had a small introduction to the work of Richard Diebenkorn. 
Here’s another look at the photo of suggested brushes you will need. 

If you can’t get to London I will be teaching Art Basics again in Hampshire on Monday! In both groups next week we will be exploring colour. 

@TCMargate @SkyArts @MargateHarbour #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear #HappyNewYear2017 #StoryvaultFilms

Finally made it to Margate to see my work on the wall, alongside all the other Semi Finalists from Sky Landscape Artist of the Year…..and very close indeed to a great Turner exhibition! 😱

What an unexpectedly unusual year 2016 has been for me. Thanks for all the good wishes. 

🍾A very Happy New Year to all – family and friends of old, and fun new friends from 2016!🥂

Ps – Richard,Gregor,Anna,Titus,Phillip and Howard – I’ve photos of your pieces – message me if you like copies xx

#Margate #exhibition #semifinalists @TCMargate #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear @howardlweaver #thanks

(Photo by Justin Downing  )Look what opens today!! Many thanks @howardlweaver for posting on Twitter. How are you Howard? I’ll be heading over to visit the exhibition soon 😊

#Goodbye #BackToIreland @DiscoverNI #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear #watercolour #WhiteParkBay @nationaltrust 

Here is one of the pieces that I made whilst tying to workout my commission on LAOTY, which I will be saying goodbye to this week – as it heads off to its new home…. back in beautiful Northern Ireland! It is a more accurate representation of the weather during my visit day, and although a real challenge to work under extreme conditions…I think I might try some more watercolour painting on a howling rainy windy beach in the future. It was invigorating. 

Many thanks for buying original artwork!

@nationaltrust #WhiteParkBay #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear @SkyArts #weather #ink @DiscoverNI

Many thanks to everyone who has contacted me with messages, shared things, Tweeted, retweeted, liked things …. ❤️ Here’s an alternative view of stunning White Park Bay, with perhaps a better representation of the weather conditions during my day there. As I dislike studio work I had made several pieces and had to choose one … it was a challenge! 

What next? Visit for news, events and teaching…

@nationaltrust #WhiteParkBay #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear @SkyArts #final #weather #summer #watercolour

Many thanks for all the support and messages from everyone over recent weeks. 😍

Lots of memories and anticipation today from the Summer – What a lot of diverse weather we had during the filming and fabulous opportunities to see great new places and landscapes!

Tune into Sky Arts @ 8pm to see the final!!

#OilPaint #AlverValley #LeeOnSolent #PleinAir #BrightSun #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear @SkyArts

Another stunningly bright day here, with a fabulous blue sky, so I will post this from a similar day earlier this year, and remind you the final of Landscape Artist of the Year is tomorrow at 8pm on @SkyArts. (Or NowTV or TalkTalk) – ps …..I’m a finalist! 😊

#excited #SemiFinal #wildcard #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear #Stowe @FrankOnTheRadio @SkyArts

Remember to tune in to Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year at 8pm tonight to see the semifinal, and discover which if the six wildcards wins a place in the semi final too.
Here’s a photo kindly sent to me from a fellow Stowe wildcard, showing me sharing Frank Skinner’s brolly – and there aren’t many people who can say they’ve done that! 

#Portsmouth #Hampshire #SouthSea #Thanks @strongislanduk @SkyArts 

Kim Whitby and Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2016

Thank you Mr Stuart Barker and Strong Island. I just found out about this 😀

#5DaysToGo #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear #wildcard #WatercolourAndInk #brushes #LondonTeaching #January

In January I will be teaching watercolour and ink, in London (more details to follow – email me through my contact page for early info) and here are a sample selection of brushes that participants will need. It’s far easier to post a photo than describe! Spend what you feel comfortable with; no need to break the bank. You will only need two sizes of house painting brushes – we will only work very large once. Take careful note of the bristle shapes; some square, some pointed.

 Beware of washing watercolour brushes in detergent, as it can seriously affect the way watercolour paper responds to washes – better to flush out with lots of water. That’s why my brushes look grubby. 

A dipping pen is a good investment or a very hard 4H+ pencil. I also have a very cheap set of 3 Chinese brushes that are very useful too. Of course you can have other brushes as well. 

Next week I shall adding a post about colour mixing. 

#6DaysToGo #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear #wildcard #rosehips #Autumn 

Been fiddling round with more of those rose hips….outside and in. 

In other news …..there are now only six days to go until my wildcard heat at Stowe! 

Here’s a little poem to help you all remember – can’t think where I got the idea from….

“Remember, remember the 15th of November,

When the last Landscape heat is on Sky!” 

– perhaps I’ll stick with the visual arts….

#LandscapeArtistOfTheYear #excited #nervous #SaveTheDate @SkyArts #StoryVaultFilms @nationaltrust

Save the date guys, to see me take part at the Stowe wildcard heat….and all the other brave competitors -Tuesday 15th November at 8pm on Sky Arts – but I will be watching via Now TV!! 

….and all the other heats too of course on Tuesdays at 8pm 🙂

Here’s an Autumn seasonal photo of some outdoor sketches from last year – I’m sure you don’t need a caption to know what the subject is!

@PintarRapido @SkyArts #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear #TV #news

Thank you so much Pintar Rapido for this photo – part of my BIG Summer, which culminates by seeing me on TV! as part of Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2016. 

See my News and Events page on for all the details!

So exciting!

@SkyArts #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear #TV #news

EXCITING NEWS “I can now tell people that I have been involved with the Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 2016 TV programme and that at some point between now and the episode on the 15th November I will be on TV!” And that’s all I can say for now. All very exciting. I’ll let you know as soon as I find out any more details! ”

Here’s a trailer video link …I hope ..

I am so sorry if I haven’t contacted you personally yet. I have so many people I want to tell and it has been very difficult keeping this news to myself. I’ll be in touch!

#ThrowbackThursday #UpdatedWebsite #TrainToLondon #sketchbook #drawing #trees   

I’ve been updating my website and I came across this photo – small quick drawings made from the train, developed in oil paint on cereal box cardboard…..a surprisingly nice thing to paint onto. Of course – not a museum quality surface….but unlikely my work will need to last that long….and its free! Note to self – must do more.

#LeeOnSolent #LanewayCoffee #ink #drawing #Hampshire #commission


So often when I take a commission, it is as a gift – which means to save the surprise, it has to remain off my blog!

I am very happy to have been commissioned locally to mark a business anniversary….it’s not on the wall there yet… I’ll let you know when it is. 

#sketchbooks #drawing #painting #watercolour @AshcroftArts @HantsCulture 


What? Why? How? Where? When?

Answers to these questions, and how to make your own sketchbook from scratch this Saturday !


#sketchbooks #drawing #Hampshire @HantsCulture @AshcroftArts 

I’m all prepared for Saturday and looking forward to making sketchbooks, and talking about keeping them, with people at Ashcroft Art Centre in Fareham. 

Some places still available if you are free. This link should get you to the right part of the booking website 😀

@AshcroftArts @HantsCulture #Hampshire #drawing #exhibition


I’ve spent the last day (or so) rehanging my work at Ashcroft Arts Centre for my exhibition there. We are now all ready for the first visitors later this afternoon when we open – and the cake is made!

Looking forward to meeting you all later on at the PV. Or call in before 21sr October 😀

#LondonPlaneTree #sketchbook #Hampshire @AshcroftArts @hantsopenstudios @HantsCulture #LastDay

A few more of this weeks sketches of the magnificent London Plane tree here at Ashcroft Arts Centre…….all except one which I found in a sketchbook from earlier in the year. Can you see which it is?

#LastDay #Hampshire #PleinAir @HantsCulture @hantsopenstudios @AshcroftArts 😢

It’s going to be the closing day of Hampshire Open Studios 2016 tomorrow, on Bank Holiday Monday. 

Here’s a plein air Spring painting of Burseldon Windmill, one of Hampshire Cultural Trust’s properties.

Thank you to all who have travelled to see me, and thanks to Ashcroft Arts Centre and the Hampshire Cultural Trust for hosting me. 

NB Last chance to sign your form for a chance to win £100 to spend on art, as part of Open Studios too. We will close at 3pm. 

Thank you to all again.

@AshcroftArts @hantsopenstudios #ink LondonPlaneTree #drawing #BIG #Hampshire #PrizeDraw

– A chance to finish yesterday’s drawing, as for once the weather forecast was incorrect and it is actually dry here!!

I didn’t have an opportunity to post a photo at the end of the afternoon yesterday as it looked like the storm was about to strike and I was a bit busy with some more lovely visitors to the Open Studios event here at Ashcroft. Looking forward to meeting more of you today 😀 or Friday, Saturday or Bank Holiday Monday!

Ps. remember to get your free prize draw entry firm signed at each venue you visit for a chance to win £100 to spend on art!!

#LondonPlaneTree #watercolour #sketchbook #Hampshire @AshcroftArts @hantsopenstudios


A fantastically bright day for watercolour painting. Great light for shadows and colour. 

Remember there is a warm welcome, for you to bring along your sketchbook and work here too, as well as visiting the Open Studios event 🎨😃

#recentsketches #ArtistInResidence @AshcroftArts @hantsopenstudios #drawing #painting #Dorset


Here are two recent Dorset sketches,from Chapmans Pool, on a very hot day. Why not come and see my sketchbooks while I work at Ashcroft Arts Centre today as part of Hampshire Ooen Studios 2016!! 

#ArtistInResidence @AshcroftArts @hantsopenstudios #drawing #painting #LondonPlaneTree

Well my part in this year’s Hampshire Open Studios is about to begin. I will be working at Ashcroft Arts Centre and showing some of my work and sketchbooks….I am showing some recent work from my time at Hampshire Cultural Trust’s site at Burseldon Windmill …..(before exhibiting even more fully at Ashcroft following the Open Studios event). I hope you will come and say hello or even bring your sketchbook and join in with me, whilst I work looking at the fabulous London Plane Tree, situated in front of the venue. 

The parking, facilities and a small cafe make it a useful stopping point on your tour of local venues. 

We are open 10-4pm all week with different weekend opening. Please check the website listing for full details. See you soon!

#Wales #ThankYou #Diolch @welshacademy @marcdalessio #painting course 

How quickly a week can go. Here I am (left) watching a master at work, Marc Dalessio (that’s his arm) and hoping a few specks of magic will land on me. Big thanks to Magda for the photo and all who were there for their great company last week. Best wishes to all. 

@hantsopenstudios #Hampshire @AshcroftArts @pintarrapido

   Here’s an action shot of me making my winning entry to Pintar Rapido in London this weekend. You can watch me work again at Ashcroft Arts Centre during Hampshire Open Studios where I shall be artist in residence. Look forward to meeting you 🙂 

@portsmouthnews #LeeOnSolent @FestivalLee #seagull #LeeInfants 

The Portsmouth News ran this great photo of our ‘naughty seagull’ from the Lee on Solent Infant  School’s group artwork for Lee Festival of the Arts. Thank you Portsmouth News!

Two small framed artworks by the children are still available to make silent bids for, in Prospect’s new office until Friday. Take along an envelope with your ‘sealed bid’and you could keep a small momento of the festival for your home or office, whilst helping to raise money to develop the Infant School’s outdoor space! 

@FestivalLee #LastDay #Hampshire #LeeOnSolent #Tesco 

Well it’s the final day of Lee on Solent’s inaugural Festival of the Arts. There’s still time to see the art trail if you haven’t made it yet!

What a great thing to fill a dull blustery Saturday…..and you could make time for some refreshments inside one of Lee’s lovely cafes 🍰 en route!

@FestivalLee #FreeWorkshop #Hampshire #LeeOnSolent #PleinAir #sketchbook

FREE WORKSHOP AND DEMONSTRATION tomorrow (Tuesday 5th) 7-9pm. Drawing using ‘sight size’. All abilities welcome to come and draw together! Meet outside Prospect! Bring your own choice of materials – see website for more info.

……and as Lee Festival of the Arts is well underway; today I drew St Faith’s church where two local art groups are exhibiting; along with many other artists, hosted in shops and businesses throughout the village. Well done to all the hosts and exhibitors 😍

@FestivalLee #infants #KS1 #Hampshire #LeeOnSolent

Well here it is. Lee on the Solent Infant School’s contribution to the Arts Festival, kicking off on Friday 1st July. It is a group effort with descriptive mark making and wax resist. Hand coloured papers are also used for collaged areas and some 3D details. All the work is about Lee on Solent’s seafront and includes a naughty seagull stealing chips. The artists are 4-7years old. A BIG thank you to Prospect for sharing their empty old window space. Well done everyone!

 I will be exhibiting myself in two venues…..more on that another day 😃

#SpiceIslandArtTrail @royalnavalclub @PortsFest #Portsmouth #Hampshire @FestivalLee

I’ve updated my ‘artist’s box’ ready for the Spice Island Art Trail on Sunday. Only two sleeps to go!

Come along to this free event, 11-4pm in Old Portsmouth, which is part of Portsmouth Festivities. I am exited to be returning to The Royal Naval and Royal Albert Yacht Club again to exhibit, but the trail includes two other locations, and lots of lovely artists working in a variety of forms. Here’s the link for more information.

Hope to see you Sunday 😃

@PortsFest @royalnavalclub #SpiceIslandArtTrail #drawing #ink #Hampshire

Looking forward to this years Spice Island Art Trail in Old Portsmouth !!!! 9 days to go! – and I managed a quick drawing of my venue when we all met for a planning meeting today.  Come along and meet me, and my fellow exhibitors in the Royal Naval and Royal Albrt Yatch Club, in Old Portsmouth and join the free trail to the other two venues too. Hope to see you soon!

Take a look at the website for full event details.


#SouthwickPark #sketchbook #drawing @DDayMuseumUK 


I was lucky to see the original D day landing map, at nearby Southwick Park a few days ago. If you look carefully at the photos I am reflected, and the map is behind me filling the entire wall. Facing the map is a massive oil painting by Norman Wilkinson recalling the scene on the day – but what really caught my eye were the framed up sketches made in his small books at the time (5×7 inches I guess)- I have photos of just two. Hope you can make this all out. 

So much history surrounding the map. It was secretly made by Chad Valley, as part of a whole N Europe coastline, and the relevant section not constructed until onsite; whereupon the construction workers were retained at Southwick to preserve the secret location of the exact landing site until the landings had taken place!

#Wales #watercolour #sketchbooks #Aberaeron 

Yesterday I delivered my largest commission so far, (1 metre X 2 metres unframed) home to Wales. A massive thank you from me, to ‘a big supporter of visual artists’. Thank you. 

I then started work on something new, but the Welsh weather kept me firmly undercover ☹️ 

Some really great colours in the mud and silage though 😀


#Hampshire @BurseldonMill #PleinAir #ThankYou

Well – what a morning!…..Its a long story…..

Consequently a slight delay in thanking the Solent Art Society for having me last evening. It was great to see you again and thank you for throwing yourselves into the workshop despite the slightly cosy space!

I have added those dates to the News and Events page on my website. (The Burseldon Windmill workshop, must be booked via Ashcroft Arts Centre please). Get in touch via the contacts page or email me directly with any question. Thanks again for inviting me 😍 

Ps. £10 is heading to RNRMC – more thanks ❤️

#OldFriends #NewFriends @ParallaxArtFair #Chelsea 

I’ve spent today preparing a few old friends and some new friends for our trip to Chelsea Town Hall, Kings Road, for the Parallax Art Fair this weekend. 

Looking forward to seeing some real old friends there too, either at the PV or weekend, and meeting some new ones I hope as well!

Remember to get your free tickets for Saturday or Sunday. 

RSVP’s for the PV were due today 🙂

See you soon!

#Monkey #ChineseNewYear2016  #teaching #printing #infants

A friend asked me for something a very small child could do to mark Chinese New Year 2016, the year of the monkey. So I thought I might share it a bit more widely. 

I have seen some lovely heart prints made from cardboard rolls online and it set me thinking…the basic idea is easy to get from my photo – if the children follow a sequence printed out in the correct order that they need to make marks, then it will support their early reading and maths skills too. Happy printing !

#London #ArtFair #February #MisChwefror @ParallaxArtFair

Well it’s all admin here! Preparing for the Parallax Art Fair in February and some online applications for competitions. Also yesterday planning and preparing for a lovely commission. I’m itching to get some art made really. When I’m rich I will have someone to do all this for me… I hate this sort of organisation.

Check out the News and Events page on my website for more details about the Art Fair and contact me if I don’t have your details to invite you in person. All visitors need a ticket to attend. I will add a link online soon 🙂

#NadoligLlawen #Last 7Days #7DiwrnodOlaf #Reindeer


Well, yesterday was my last booked teaching day for 2015 and I’d like to wish everyone who I’ve taught (small or not so small), or taught with, this year a Happy Christmas and New Year break.🎄So as it says in the #NadoligLlawen!

This is a school chair reindeer – but I’ve also made school chair giraffes, elephants, cows… get the idea. The eyes were added later by an adult – I’d prefer child drawn ones; I think they were enjoying it as much as the children! Anyone else made a school chair animal ?

Oh and just 7 more days left to view my work in Aberaeron. 

#Aberaeron #OffTheWall #exhibition #arddangosfa

Cheers Aberaeron! 

Good news for you Aberaeron Christmas shoppers……Lloyd Motors are now hosting an ‘Off the Wall‘ exhibition of new works right up until Christmas Eve lunchtime. There are some local subjects and some of my other pieces. All are original and unique artworks which can be taken away ‘off the wall’ at the time of purchase. Diolch yn fawr Lloyd Motors!

It was great to catch up with some of my more longstanding customers   during the formal exhibition. Thank you for coming and your continued support, and thank you to my new customers too. 

#winner #HospiceAtHome #Aberaeron 

Really delighted to have helped raise funds for the Hospice at Home charity, with Lloyd Motors Aberaeron; the winner being drawn by Dr Axford a director of the charity….. the lucky lady winner received a telephone call informing her yesterday afternoon!

Thank you to all who bought tickets to help this worthy cause:)

Well done everyone. 

#SadNews #GoodNews #Aberaeron #LastDay #DiwrnodOlaf 

Sad News – it’s the last day of the exhibition here in Aberaeron and I have slightly mixed feelings as some of my pictures depart to their new homes. 

Good News – Lloyd Motors have invited me to leave an adapted exhibition in the showroom featuring additional paintings and drawings. It will be here until they close for their Christmas break. 

Dwirnod Olaf/Last Day – and the Hospice at Home raffle draw will take place at the end of today. Tickets are still available in the showroom 🙂 

Aberaeron – Diolch Thank you to all who have supported me by visiting the exhibition. An especially big thank you to all my customers and Lloyd Motors for hosting me. 

Raffle winner to be announced ….

#HospiceAtHome #Pomegranite #Aberaeron #arddangosfa #exhibition 


Well it’s the last day to visit the full Aberaeron exhibition tomorrow – Monday 30th November – and your last chance to buy raffle tickets in aid of the Hospice at Home service; which hopes to extend in the Aberaeron area in the new year. 

Please form and orderly queue to buy your tickets – Lloyd Motors opens at 9am!

Thank you to all who have already bought tickets – I’m crossing my fingers for you all X   


#Volvo #cars #Aberaeron #arddangosfa #exhibition


I’ve always been a bit of a girl about drawing cars (not really my thing) – I don’t think this Volvo is too bad – and I was reasonably happy with the Fiat in the one below. The Fiat is off to a new home on Monday. Diolch yn fawr to today’s customers. There is another final chance to get a unique Christmas gift here on Monday if you haven’t made it to see the exhibition yet! 

Please contact me personally if you need a Sunday viewing via my website contact page – or telephone. 

Thank you again 🙂


#Aberaeron #rain #arddangosfa #exhibition #Last2Days


Another rainy day here – I can see the attraction of painting wet roads – great reflections. I’m liking the chimneys and the shape of this roof. 

Lovely to see so many brave people out in the wet. A massive DIOLCH to this mornings customers- looking forward to more visitors this afternoon 🙂 

#Mistletoe #Uchelwydd #Last2Days #2DwirnodOlaf #FeelingFestive


What a busy website I have had – I must paint in the rain more often! Thank you for all your visits!

The lights go on this afternoon at the Aberaeron Community Christmas event 3-6pm in Peniel!

I’ve a few Christmassy things and some hand painted signed Baubles available in the exhibition too!

Looking forward to seeing you all in Lloyd Motors this morning!

Last day tomorrow @hantsopenstudios 


Well here’s my ‘transformed’ garage space which has doubled as a gallery and studio during Hampshire Open Studios, as I generally work outdoors. It’s your last chance to visit spaces tomorrow with most locations open 10-5pm. 

Thank you again to my customers and I will be in contact individually about your pieces in the following day or two. 

Please keep in touch, all my visitors who have asked me about teaching, or pop along and meet me if you would like to join a group, use me with an existing group or are thinking about individual tuition. So far drawing, ink work and colour appear popular topics. Additionally lots of interest in a life drawing group without tuition, on a shared cost basis. 

Good to meet all who have visited. Thanks for popping in!