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Ink and first watercolour of the Writing Table. Tuesday 24th January.

So sorry to post late! A busy day today.!

All my images have loaded in reverse order! I’m a technical genius!
A day of sketches – (not shown) – and colour mixing – and finding out! Looking is a crucial stage of any artwork. 

Studying the table top carefully, so as to be able to draw and paint it, is fascinating.
The tiny scratches, rings, holes, splits and subtle colour variations tell a story themselves. My imagination runs riot about who, when, how and where the marks were made. Unfortunately the tale top marks are written in a language I don’t speak, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to imagine the events which may have lead to the tables condition.
It’s history. It’s surface is magnetically attractive, and aesthetically appealing. I began to work first in ink, and then in watercolour.
The weather is very cold and drying wet work is a challenge. The room is a heritage setting and heated minimally.  I finished with my first table top watercolour half complete.

Sadly I then had to wait all week before a chance to finish the watercolour – the decorator arrives to paint the room and I have to work elsewhere.

February 17th will see the table leave for a period of protective renovation. I hope to spend as much time with it as possible before then, after the decorator has had his turn.

It’s so early in the year that by the end of the afternoons the light has mostly gone, and evening is well on its way. 

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