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Friday 10th February 

Really getting going now with the Bake house and Donkey Carriage (not a cart as I had rudely referred to it before correctly reading the information plaque!)

Whilst drawing the carts 10 wheel spokes I had rather a mathematical challenge to establish the correct number of degrees between each. However the interesting thing is……along with counting the 13 back spokes on the seat and 5 either side of the seat (there’s lots of real maths involved in drawing) ….I discovered that the triangular angles to set out the spokes is mirrored on the triagular decoration on the arrangement of spokes outside the axle. I’ve placed the photos in the wrong order but I think you can work out the spooky relationship – clearly no accident by the carriage maker though.

Very damp cold conditions (it tried to snow too) so drying my watercolour washes was a proper challenge today.
Maybe a bit of off site work required….

I am posting this after a return visit to Chawton this morning this time as a visitor. What a difference two months makes to the weather and garden. Lovely to see you today. ?

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