#HeatWinner! #Surprised #Stowe @SkyArts #ThankYouJudges #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear #wildcard #HNSVictory

Well I’ve been dying to tell people and now I can! 

How fantastic is that….winner of the wildcards heat six !….worth the night before camp-out in the camper van, to make sure I was there on time for the very early start on the next day. 

Make sure you watch next week to find out which of the wildcards makes the semi final!

I’ll be definitely watching!

Lovely to meet all the other ‘wildcards’ and the programme behind the scenes people who couldn’t have been nicer. Thanks too judges and presenters; who really are like that in real life. 

Quite an experience!

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  1. Congratulations!! How fantastic 🙂 Unfortunately I cancelled my Sky subscription 2 weeks ago so I couldn’t watch – keep us posted!!

  2. I will keep Blogging and let you know. We are watching via Now TV – never had it before. Seems ok. I can’t Blog images – I don’t have any photos of the day. I’ll let you know which wildcard makes the semi final!! Thanks Ailsa x

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