Lockdown Still Life

This has been living on the chair since I finished it last week. It’s my lockdown still life….all sorts of things which commemorate the lockdown period for me. The coffee pot used as the coffee machine gave up the ghost at the very start ☹️ Sunglasses (mine) worn by our eldest to remember the sun ☀️…and children back at home. ? Scissors – a still life staple of #diebenkorn who I have been revisiting AND from my sewing and crochet activities. The copper planter from my first IGTV posts and Finger Grape handled bag – minus grapes ?
My wool bag, with ?? to recall VE Day. Packaging tape and paper, and a sample #artistsupportpledge purchase. ? @matthewburrowsstudio Paintings of both dogs….there have been lots of dog walks ? “Bunny-rabbits” in oil – the watercolour version time lapse was my greatest Instagram hit so far! There’s a big pile of box easels all hand me downs (from departed relatives) – I spent a long time selecting a new easel for myself. (It’s suiting me very well ?) There are lemons too recall the first Instagram Live I did with virtual art fair tour and demo in watercolour. Private Eye …and that might be it…
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