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Well this is where my two worlds collide! Sketching the only Royal Marine memorial in London, which sits directly outside the Mall Galleries….which was my next stop yesterday as I went to see the fabulous RIO exhibition which is currently showing!

Really enjoyed seeing work by Adam Ralston, Maria Rose, Helen Davison, Tom Stevenson, Andrew Farmer, Michael Weller, Haidee-Jo Summers (bought charity cards?) and Tim Benson…. (wanted to touch the texture of his paint but behaved myself!)

Really excited to be getting to know the work of Julia Hawkins (thinking she might be a reincarnation of several magnificent French impressionists all rolled into one), John Walsom (tug??), Amanda Coleman (Iced Bun ?), Helen Lloyd-Elliot, John Dobbs, Sarah Spence (how did she paint those scones without eating them?), Kate Giles, Rosie Copeland, Roger Ferrin, Rosalie Watkins, Aiden Hornby….. So much great stuff and artists to search out on social media platforms and keep me inspired in 2017! 

Ps slight technical hitch – pavement too wet to sit down and arm not long enough to take full photo. Many thanks to Mall Galleries front desk team for looking after my sketchbook while it dried! 

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