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Many thanks for all the support and messages from everyone over recent weeks. 😍

Lots of memories and anticipation today from the Summer – What a lot of diverse weather we had during the filming and fabulous opportunities to see great new places and landscapes!

Tune into Sky Arts @ 8pm to see the final!!

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  1. Hello Kim,
    Commiserations on not becoming Landsape Artist of the Year 2016. You must have been a very close second! You know that entering any competition is a risky business, because the result depends on the personal preferences of the judge/judges. From what I saw, in all your work that they showed us on the programme, your work was at the top or very close to the top each time, and being the best of 300 wild cards was no mean feat! How hard you worked, under some very difficult conditions. You looked as though you enjoyed yourself, and I’m sure it will lead on to bigger, better things.
    Congratulations and best wishes,

  2. Absolutely – enjoyed myself – happy to have had some recognition – grateful for all the support and good wishes – still rather surprised I was good enough to get selected – and it all builds my profile artistically.
    Many thanks for taking the time to message me and for your support.

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