On the way to London….


Yesterday’s speed sketches that I made on the way to London by train, on a bag that had contained lemon cake.  I’m very grateful to have had a chance to speak with Sara Dudman , judge from the Sunday Times watercolour competition last evening, and lucky to have had some great advice. Thank you Sara. It was a unique experience and I hope just the first time I exhibit in the Mall Galleries. 

And here’s a new zigzag sketchbook I made with lovely Saunders Waterford paper in a recycled/up-cycled/reused Moleskine cover. The pages slide out so I can refill it once I’ve filled the book. Special handbag A6 sized! Can’t wait to use it. 

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  1. It’s a great game. See it. Remember it. Draw it. It’s interesting what your eye catches and gets rid of all the insignificant detail. I used paper bag as I didn’t want to fill my new watercolour sketchbook with just drawing. And I like working on a nonwhite base. Thanks for the comments.

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