Aberaeron Sketches

Time is a strange thing…when I made these sketches I was very unhappy with them. Whilst having a tidy up (-yes it does happen occasionally) I rediscovered them. And now I like them a bit more. Perhaps it’s because I’m away from the subject and it reminds me of being there? Or maybe it’s because I’ve been drawing lots recently and these feel more like drawing?…either way. I’m daring to post them! 😬
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And so as today is #throwbackthursday #tbt I’ve watched lots of you guys painting in beautiful Venice this Summer and it has made me recall my first trip there at 16/17?!!! (C1988) #wasieverthatyoung ? which was just prior to my A level Art and Design exam and I painted (can’t find that) photographed and printed in a darkroom (still got those) and drew (here it is)! from my trip….(and it was a very long coach trip from Aberaeron, West Wales indeed! ) and then submitted my Venetian inspired A level art. What strikes me most though…ink…mark making…tonal…structured…structural…composition broken by verticals…architecture…!!!! it’s all there. All the things that I still think about. All the things that define my artwork. Here is Venice at A level – from a photo…and Wellington Square Gardens – Pintar Rapido – from life. Of course then there was a very long gap whilst I was a Primary teacher and Mum. Anyone else got an historical parallel? I’d love to see. Please share 🤫 #noonelsewillknow ! #Venice #StMarksSquare #ink #inktober #WNinktober #Aberaeron #Wales #Ceredigion #wellingtonSquareGardens #KingsRoad #Chelsea #London #Alevelart #PintarRapido

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Well, yesterday was my last booked teaching day for 2015 and I’d like to wish everyone who I’ve taught (small or not so small), or taught with, this year a Happy Christmas and New Year break.🎄So as it says in the #NadoligLlawen!

This is a school chair reindeer – but I’ve also made school chair giraffes, elephants, cows…..you get the idea. The eyes were added later by an adult – I’d prefer child drawn ones; I think they were enjoying it as much as the children! Anyone else made a school chair animal ?

Oh and just 7 more days left to view my work in Aberaeron. 

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I was going to put these on a table but the box held them in such a good pile and has a great subtle pattern. 

This is fresh – so it’s not available in Lloyd Motors, Aberaeron – where there are only 9 days left to see my work and shop for original artwork gifts. Christmas is coming!

Contact me via my website contact page if you’d like to buy the pears!

(Pears 3 after MW)

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Really delighted to have helped raise funds for the Hospice at Home charity, with Lloyd Motors Aberaeron; the winner being drawn by Dr Axford a director of the charity….. the lucky lady winner received a telephone call informing her yesterday afternoon!

Thank you to all who bought tickets to help this worthy cause:)

Well done everyone. 

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Sad News – it’s the last day of the exhibition here in Aberaeron and I have slightly mixed feelings as some of my pictures depart to their new homes. 

Good News – Lloyd Motors have invited me to leave an adapted exhibition in the showroom featuring additional paintings and drawings. It will be here until they close for their Christmas break. 

Dwirnod Olaf/Last Day – and the Hospice at Home raffle draw will take place at the end of today. Tickets are still available in the showroom 🙂 

Aberaeron – Diolch Thank you to all who have supported me by visiting the exhibition. An especially big thank you to all my customers and Lloyd Motors for hosting me. 

Raffle winner to be announced ….

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Well it’s the last day to visit the full Aberaeron exhibition tomorrow – Monday 30th November – and your last chance to buy raffle tickets in aid of the Hospice at Home service; which hopes to extend in the Aberaeron area in the new year. 

Please form and orderly queue to buy your tickets – Lloyd Motors opens at 9am!

Thank you to all who have already bought tickets – I’m crossing my fingers for you all X   


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I’ve always been a bit of a girl about drawing cars (not really my thing) – I don’t think this Volvo is too bad – and I was reasonably happy with the Fiat in the one below. The Fiat is off to a new home on Monday. Diolch yn fawr to today’s customers. There is another final chance to get a unique Christmas gift here on Monday if you haven’t made it to see the exhibition yet! 

Please contact me personally if you need a Sunday viewing via my website contact page – or telephone. 

Thank you again 🙂


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Another rainy day here – I can see the attraction of painting wet roads – great reflections. I’m liking the chimneys and the shape of this roof. 

Lovely to see so many brave people out in the wet. A massive DIOLCH to this mornings customers- looking forward to more visitors this afternoon 🙂 

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What a busy website I have had – I must paint in the rain more often! Thank you for all your visits!

The lights go on this afternoon at the Aberaeron Community Christmas event 3-6pm in Peniel!

I’ve a few Christmassy things and some hand painted signed Baubles available in the exhibition too!

Looking forward to seeing you all in Lloyd Motors this morning!

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This is the first time I’ve completely painted an oil painting in the rain! My eye was caught by the yellow leaves and the building. 

Great to meet everyone (and have an excuse to pop into the dry) this morning. There are only three more days of the exhibition (closing Monday eve and closed Sunday)  for those of you still planning to come 🙂

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A calm but damp day here in Aberaeron. I’m lucky to be able to be around for the remainder of my Aberaeron exhibition and have enjoyed meeting some visitors already today. I am doing some drawing and painting near by too, so if you visit and would like a chat, drop me a text or call. My business cards have all the details in the exhibition space . I won’t be far. Hope to meet some more visitors soon 🙂

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 One of my favourite paintings that I will be showing in the Arddangosfa Aberaeron, Lloyd Motors. Boats are such great shapes and I love drawing and painting them. Combine this with the bland, yet complex colours of Autumn, and I could paint this scene many times over. 

I will be setting up and hanging today!!!! Come and see it and me….. 23-30th November, in Aberaeron. 

See my website for full details!

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Here is my shortlisted – (but not finalist) Sunday Times Watercolour piece; ‘Stones on a slate windowsill’. It will be in my Aberaeron exhibition 23-30th November. It shows stones collected from the beach in Aberaeron, by my husband as a child, in Aberaeron, on the windowsill of my Inlaws house.

My finalist piece, ‘Queue for HMS Victory’,  is currently on tour in Guilford as part of the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2015. 

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I love the grey sky of Autumn – come and see my tree, church and sky picture of Aberaeron soon in Lloyd Motors ‘Showroom’, Aberaeron. 

Exhibition 23-30th November – See my website News and Events page for details or call the showroom for opening times- See you there? 

I will be there Thursday – Monday 30th., and at the Saturday 21st PV! 

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 I’m amazed at the volume of visitors to my website that the upcoming exhibition news has initiated today ! Thank you for all your interest. Looking forward to showing you what I do and discussing my work with you soon, in Aberaeron 23-30th November, Lloyd Motors Showroom. 

Look at my News and Events page for more details. 

#Aberaeron #Wales #Jugs from the dresser in watercolour and oil. 


I’ve been busy finishing off for the Aberaeron exhibition recently. These jugs from our Welsh dresser are more successful in watercolour I think. Interesting that as the jugs were hand painted – it translates well into a painting – the marks are already ‘brush shaped’ on the decoration. I think I read/heard somewhere that the houses decoration were often painted by children? 

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The boats are all safely out of the harbour for the winter months in Aberaeron, Ceredigion. 

I’m not a sailor in anyway, or a marine artist – I just like the shape of boats. This is a 2 page drawing, image aprox 142cm X 47cm. It’s very hard to take a ‘non grey’ photograph of a drawing, so this is a bit dull – it’s much brighter in real life. 

#Aberaeron #Wales Am I the only person doing the same thing lots of times?


Reworking an oil plein air sketch on cardboard, of the beach and harbour wall in Aberaeron, West Wales, on to board. 


The view from a similar spot. Isn’t it odd how flat a photo makes everything look? And how lovely and sunny it was – it was actually a very cold morning indeed! I had sketched the wall the day before and had a quick oil paint there the following morning. 

Beach stones on a slate windowsill- Aberaeron, West Wales. 


I had the chance to make two sketch book sketches. It was a warm sunny day but the sun made a great deal of progress between the two drawings, and the shadows moved considerably. The slate windowsill is a complex purple colour. 

I had a lovely comment about this which I replied to, but for some reason it’s not appeared here! Confused…….