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I’ve spent today preparing a few old friends and some new friends for our trip to Chelsea Town Hall, Kings Road, for the Parallax Art Fair this weekend. 

Looking forward to seeing some real old friends there too, either at the PV or weekend, and meeting some new ones I hope as well!

Remember to get your free tickets http://www.parallaxaf.co/tickets.html for Saturday or Sunday. 

RSVP’s for the PV were due today ๐Ÿ™‚

See you soon!

#London #ArtFair #February #MisChwefror @ParallaxArtFair

Well it’s all admin here! Preparing for the Parallax Art Fair in February and some online applications for competitions. Also yesterday planning and preparing for a lovely commission. I’m itching to get some art made really. When I’m rich I will have someone to do all this for me… I hate this sort of organisation.

Check out the News and Events page on my website for more details about the Art Fair and contact me if I don’t have your details to invite you in person. All visitors need a ticket to attend. I will add a link online soon ๐Ÿ™‚