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 #Hampshire #OpenStudios #August I collected my brochures today for @hampshire_open_studios I am really pleased to be taking part in this event for my third year…although my openings will be limited to the Bank Holiday weekend…I am really looking forward to meeting you and showing you all my stuff! Things from #Chawton @JaneAustenHouse earlier this year and #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear 2016- last year our Summer was really hectic with lots of secret filming #LAOTY at the same time as HOS!! So I am taking things at a slower pace this year….and even having a little holiday with my husband too! 🏛☀️See you in August 😉

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Well – this really is the end of the commission posts. Here are some small versions of the six selected peices- I will let you know if the intended merchandising is realized incorporating them!

Watercolour of Jane Austen’s writing table top – actual size. 60X60cms Kim Whitby © 2017

Watercolour of The Copper at Jane Austen’s House Museum 76x102cms Kim Whitby ©2017

Ink on paper View into Jane Austen’s  Breakfast Room and Writing Table 75x55cms Kim Whitby © 2017

Oil on canvas, View into Jane Austen’s Breakfast Room with Kettle and Writing Table, Kim Whitby © 2017 40x30cms

Watercolour, Snow drops at Chawton; Jane Austen’s House Museum, Kim Whitby © 2017 20x30cms

Ink on Paper, Winter Sun at Jane Austen’s House Museum, Kim Whitby © 2017 150x55cms approx 

All that remains to say is what a special and unique experience it was to work and create in such an influential place….Jane Austen has been my favourite writer since my A levels many years ago. So you can imagine what a great honour it was to be invited to work there. 

Many thanks to Hampshire Cultural Trust, Jane Austen’s House Museum and all the lovely staff and volunteers at Chawton. ❤️

I will be opening my studio as part of Hampshire Open Studios in Fareham on August 26,27,28th if you would like to see some of the peices and sketchbooks in real life. All welcome

See my News and Events page for full details. 

#commission #ink #pleinair #britpleinair #JaneAusten #ThrowbackThursday #WeeklyBlog @JaneAustenHouse #Hampshire @HantsCulture @RKBurt #SaundersWaterford @st_cuthberts_mill #LastTrips #review #selection

February 28th 2017

The last chilly trips to Jane Austen House Museum, with the review and selection from my time here by Hampshire Cultural Trust and the museum in partnership. 

I spread all my things out in the education room ….and a few weeks later a final selection of six works was made. These are intended as merchandising starting points….let you know next week what was selected!

#commission #ink #pleinair #britpleinair #JaneAusten #ThrowbackThursday #WeeklyBlog @JaneAustenHouse #Hampshire @HantsCulture @RKBurt #SaundersWaterford @st_cuthberts_mill 

How tardy am I posting a whole day late!!! Apologies! – doubtless some clever person at JAHM will know a Jane Austen quote about lateness to properly chastise me with!!

Saturday 18th February 

The museum is still closed to the public so I had a solitary trip into the garden today as it was forecast sunny. The photos tell the tale…..

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Thursday 16thFebruary

The weather has been unhelpful for water based stuff (i.e. not suitable/possible for drying things like washes in ink or watercolour either outside or in unheated outbuildings) so the weather forecast of dry – with possible afternoon sun today, is a real bonus. I have only a few sessions left to work here at Chawton and so far done very little ink or watercolour. I will be selecting to work here only on the better weather days from now on. 

Indoor working has given me the opportunity to have a initial look at the jewellery connected with Jane Austen too. 

Fingers crossed for tomorrow’s weather also 🤞

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Friday 10th February 

Really getting going now with the Bake house and Donkey Carriage (not a cart as I had rudely referred to it before correctly reading the information plaque!)

Whilst drawing the carts 10 wheel spokes I had rather a mathematical challenge to establish the correct number of degrees between each. However the interesting thing is……along with counting the 13 back spokes on the seat and 5 either side of the seat (there’s lots of real maths involved in drawing) ….I discovered that the triangular angles to set out the spokes is mirrored on the triagular decoration on the arrangement of spokes outside the axle. I’ve placed the photos in the wrong order but I think you can work out the spooky relationship – clearly no accident by the carriage maker though.

Very damp cold conditions (it tried to snow too) so drying my watercolour washes was a proper challenge today.
Maybe a bit of off site work required….

I am posting this after a return visit to Chawton this morning this time as a visitor. What a difference two months makes to the weather and garden. Lovely to see you today. 😉

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See full site page for the whole story as it unfolds too…

Thinking about ink, on my first day at Jane Austen’s House Museum. Tuesday 24th January 2017. 

Fabulous light on a frosty morning on the Jane Austen Trail walk into Farringdon.
I spent an illuminating morning in Jane’s breakfast (and work) room. The table sited near the window catches both the light and warmth from the morning sun. What a pleasant places to sit and work -It certainly makes me reflect upon the special opportunity, that working in the house, as she did, is for me. Drawings, colour sketches and looking, filled the day. 

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#commission #JaneAusten #PleinAir @JaneAustenHouse #Hampshire @HantsCulture #OilPaint The best day of last week’s outdoor work – then it got COLD! Excited to be able to share this work one day…. I have been looking in, through the window Austen looked out through, as she wrote. Her small writing table clearly in view. How special is that?