Busy Bee! And Instagram link!!

It’s been a busy year! Almost as busy as this bee on my hollyhocks ! I put these pictures in my window today. Hanging is hung …..today! (video PV’s soon!)
One of the good things for me about Hampshire Open Studios, is the opportunity to take stock and see where I am and the things that have happened in the preceding year; both as events and as developments in my work. What mostly strikes me is how busy and well travelled I’ve been this year! Directly after last year’s Open Studios we went to Northern Spain ⛰🏖🥂(back there soon so watch this space..!), done battle with self portraits👩🏻‍🎨and the #zornpalette over the winter , been to Rome 😘, ‘residented’ in Aspex gallery, Scotland 🥾🥾and the Isle of Skye🏔🏕, spent time with my friends in my Lymington ⛵️and The Art Academy in London 🎨 (for two different things!), been a judge at Pintar Rapido in Chelsea 🙏 🐩🐕🐾, painted in Dorset with @britpleinair, been to Somerset and visited with @david_a_parfitt_ri 🖼, I’ve been to my first proper art fair in Newbury 🐎, walked, camped and painted in beautiful Arundel 🏰, and have an exhibition in the Mall Galleries to look forward to ….Ahhh!!! There are a few bits and bobs still to do – but I’m mostly ready. Hampshire Open Studios is next week!!!! starting week Saturday – Please come along and see all about it! ☕️🚽August 17-22nd. 10-5pm NB 11-8pm on 22nd. East Street in Fareham. PO16 0BW DM for more info or find @hantsopenstudios http://www.hampshireopenstudios.org.uk #hampshireopenstudios2019 #oilpainting #observationalart #galifornia #galicia #rome @stbarbemuseum @theartacademylondon @pintar_rapido @contemporaryartfairs #arundelcastle #ink #watercolour #oilpainting @royaltalensuk @Aspexgallery #thesundaytimeswatercolourcompetition @crownpaintsuk @crownpaintportsmouth

Lovely news from Pintar Rapido on Instagram!

#Repost @pintar_rapido with @get_repost THANK YOU PINTAR RAPIDO! Delighted to have been asked to be part of the judging panel this year! See you all in June….I’ll be painting too(non competitive of course) on the Saturday….couldn’t miss out on the fun…Get your Artist’s Pass to take part. You’ve got to be in it to win it. I won on my first attempt 😉 Repost….


Kim Whitby , v talented artist and previous Pintar winner will be joining us as a judge this year 😊@kimwhitbyart . Read more https://www.pintarrapido.com/london/prize.html

Newsletter and Teaching Dates 2019!

PHEW! Christmas Newsletter has launched! IF YOU’D LIKE A NEWSLETTER and didn’t get one DM me! It contains the details of my first lot of 2019 teaching “I’ve really enjoyed my watercolour this year…from speeding through the dramatic Spanish scenery to visit Portugal ….to dramatic Hampshire Autumn colours…..to countryside commission surprises…

Why not brush up your watercolour, or your drawing or painting… by joining me in a workshop or two?

I’ll be teaching at the studio, in Lymington and after Easter I’ll be back in London at The Art Academy….so plenty of choice…see my website for full information on the Teaching pages! http://www.kimwhitby.com #watercolour #ink #sketchbook #painting #pleinair @briteinair #artworkshops #Hampshire #Spain @stbarbemuseum @theartacademylondon @skyartsartistoftheyear @hantsculture @davidwatson.uk @moleskine @st_cuthberts_mill

Self portrait #6

Today’s #WIP #workinprogress – Less glum? Open Studio final day Sunday 2nd December …informal ‘Works In Progress’ Open Studio 🎨….lots to show and share from the Autumn…find out about my newest work…seasonal shopping opportunity🎄…and a chance to find out about my exciting plans for 2019!….and have a coffee☕️! ….Thank you to today’s visitors! #HampshireOpenStudio #Hampshire #OpenStudio #pleinair @britpleinair

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Wet and Windy #WIP Open Studio!

Well it’s rather grim here today…rain and wind…but if you are brave enough to venture out, it’s cosy here at my Open Studio! And the kettle is on! See you later!

David Watson Silk Scarf in Winchester! AND Open Studio Dec 1st and 2nd!!!!

What a busy old day! Setting up for #WIP Work In Progress Winter Open Studio (starting tomorrow* See below) AND a trip up to Winchester to see my David Watson SILK ! square from my Hampshire Cultural Trust and Jane Austen House Museum commission in REAL LIFE! in Winchester Discovery Centre. A really delicate, fine item…and not sure if I saw a hand rolled hem?! Beautiful thing! Thank you all involved ! https://www.davidwatson.uk/kim-whitby *And this weekend 10-5pm to a very informal ‘Works In Progress’ 🎨….lots to show and share from the Autumn…find out about my newest work…seasonal shopping opportunity🎄…and a chance to find out about my exciting plans for 2019!….and have a coffee☕️! ….What’s not to like? @davidwatson.uk @hantsculture @janeaustenshousemuseum #watercolour #Chawton #janeausten #Hampshire sketchbook #pleinair @Brit pleinair

Winter Open Studio #WIP Works in Progress 2018

This time next week I shall be setting up for a very informal ‘Works In Progress’ Open Studio Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December 10-5pm 🎨….lots to show and share from the Autumn…find out about my newest work…seasonal shopping opportunity🎄…and a chance to find out about my exciting plans for 2019!….and have a coffee☕️! ….What’s not to like? If you can’t make that some of my work from Jane Austen’s House Museum and Hampshire Cultural Trust will be in Winchester Museum from December 5th (more on that another time)…..or contact me for a PV at my studio another time if you can’t make the weekend 🙏 Hope to see you soon!

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Good morning all! Another day of @hampshire_open_studios in #Fareham Many thanks to visitors yesterday and of course buyers especially 😍

Good morning all! Another day of @hampshire_open_studios in #Fareham Many thanks to visitors yesterday and of course buyers especially 😍. So sorry if I missed you in the afternoon as I slipped out early to see #stereophonics and @feederofficial and @jakebugg 😱at #victorius. All excellent artists in musical terms not sure if they draw too or not? I’m here all day today and tomorrow. See you soon I hope x

#HampshireOpenStudios #FirstDay #PVTour

All ready for my first day of @hantsopenstudios in #Fareham. Looking forward to meeting everyone….in fact I met a few yesterday (while I was setting up) who arrived early in error….one an amazing lady of 92 who gained her Art BA at the age of 74!Don’t worry if you are a little more ordinary than that – all welcome!

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 #Hampshire #OpenStudios #August I collected my brochures today for @hampshire_open_studios I am really pleased to be taking part in this event for my third year…although my openings will be limited to the Bank Holiday weekend…I am really looking forward to meeting you and showing you all my stuff! Things from #Chawton @JaneAustenHouse earlier this year and #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear 2016- last year our Summer was really hectic with lots of secret filming #LAOTY at the same time as HOS!! So I am taking things at a slower pace this year….and even having a little holiday with my husband too! 🏛☀️See you in August 😉

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Well – this really is the end of the commission posts. Here are some small versions of the six selected peices- I will let you know if the intended merchandising is realized incorporating them!

Watercolour of Jane Austen’s writing table top – actual size. 60X60cms Kim Whitby © 2017

Watercolour of The Copper at Jane Austen’s House Museum 76x102cms Kim Whitby ©2017

Ink on paper View into Jane Austen’s  Breakfast Room and Writing Table 75x55cms Kim Whitby © 2017

Oil on canvas, View into Jane Austen’s Breakfast Room with Kettle and Writing Table, Kim Whitby © 2017 40x30cms

Watercolour, Snow drops at Chawton; Jane Austen’s House Museum, Kim Whitby © 2017 20x30cms

Ink on Paper, Winter Sun at Jane Austen’s House Museum, Kim Whitby © 2017 150x55cms approx 

All that remains to say is what a special and unique experience it was to work and create in such an influential place….Jane Austen has been my favourite writer since my A levels many years ago. So you can imagine what a great honour it was to be invited to work there. 

Many thanks to Hampshire Cultural Trust, Jane Austen’s House Museum and all the lovely staff and volunteers at Chawton. ❤️

I will be opening my studio as part of Hampshire Open Studios in Fareham on August 26,27,28th if you would like to see some of the peices and sketchbooks in real life. All welcome

See my News and Events page for full details. 

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February 28th 2017

The last chilly trips to Jane Austen House Museum, with the review and selection from my time here by Hampshire Cultural Trust and the museum in partnership. 

I spread all my things out in the education room ….and a few weeks later a final selection of six works was made. These are intended as merchandising starting points….let you know next week what was selected!

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How tardy am I posting a whole day late!!! Apologies! – doubtless some clever person at JAHM will know a Jane Austen quote about lateness to properly chastise me with!!

Saturday 18th February 

The museum is still closed to the public so I had a solitary trip into the garden today as it was forecast sunny. The photos tell the tale…..

#commission #JaneAusten #ThrowbackThursday #WeeklyBlog @JaneAustenHouse #Hampshire @HantsCulture @RKBurt #SaundersWaterford @st_cuthberts_mill #ink 

Friday 17th February

A great GREAT sunny day. So sunny that I’m so excited making pictures I’ve not taken many photos!!! Sorry 😬

I worked in ink looking at the well and drawing the whole house from across the road. Still very cold. 

@thatsSolentTV @HantsCulture @aspexportsmouth @JaneAustenHouse #HMSDaedalus #portsmouthguildhall #exhibition #teaching 

Visited Thats Solent TV newsroom yesterday to talk about my HMS Daedalus exhibition in Portsmouth Guildhall cafe with Aspex Gallery and the taught painting session I will do for Aspex in June, and the work I did at Jane Austen House Museum with Hampshire Cultural Trust. Thanks for having me guys 😊

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Tuesday 7th February… So here I am in action…in the sun!

Whoops – looks like Darren the decorator has inadvertently ‘bombed’ my photo sanding the window inside! ….I’ve edited him out! 

Lovely flowery table covering protection for the path too…(which I inherited from Mum – used to be on her kitchen table.) I have to make sure the oils don’t leave any drips on the historic path!!

Blocking in….A fabulously sunny day at last. ..and by lunchtime actually quite warm. I was in only one jumper at one point!!!! 

I am working outside today (good colours and tonal contrast) on the views looking into Jane’s writing room (the dining room) where I can see her table and the hearth where she made the breakfast tea. It is strange to know that she sat here in the sun too; watching the world she knew well and writing about it. Very special to look back into where much of her art was created and make some about that myself. 

At home in Wales the older rural houses were built and positioned on sites which caught the maximum sun light. This breakfast room has lovely sun and heat from the sun. It can’t be an accident this room was for mornings.

Today I am also waiting for an order of very large paper to arrive from RK Burt!

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Wednesday 1st February!
Wet wet wet!

Where is the sun to help with some good colours and tones? Never mind – table top beckons…

I have three watercolour table tops on the go. Today I wanted to put more, deeper, and some brighter washes with wax resist on to them. It took longer than expected but drying washes takes time. I’m interested in the wax on the surface – also think I need some Gum Arabic in a few washes too. Can’t decide about including or omitting the ink bottle and quill.

Next I worked on the Donkey Cart again. I’ve been doing a measured drawing (sightsize) to work out how it is constructed. It’s a fairly standard (and to me boring ) composition that I have been working on, but working it through; looking at its relationships, mathematical elements, and patterns have given me an idea of where to go with it next. As it has some provenance to connect it directly to Jane Austen (as with the table) I would like to make it part of my final work.
More art materials required too – a significant shopping list of items became necessary today.

A sketch on board – colour far too ….wrong! Can’t think what I mean – but I know it’s wrong.

During the afternoon it dried up enough to begin some of the planned oil pieces (see thumbnail sketches beneath) which I hope to do; looking back into Jane’s working room through the window and including the hearth and kettle. This was a room where the family had breakfast and would make tea. Breakfast was frequently a chore which fell to Jane, and including both the practical and occupational aspect of the room seems appropriate.
I see the weather forecast for Friday is very poor. (wet) – Oil paint (outdoors only in this special and historic setting) will be a challenge.

I use the front and back covers of my Moleskin watercolour sketch books for pencil thumbnails….working out drawings for compositional stuff!!

#commission #JaneAusten #ThrowbackThursday #WeeklyBlog @JaneAustenHouse #Hampshire @HantsCulture #watercolour

Table top watercolour. Start of the day Tuesday 31st January.

Thinking about the writing table top.

Beginning again with colour mixing, wet in wet, dry brushes, mark making with tools to show the marks! and looking at darkest and lightest tones on the surface in my sketchbook prior to a larger piece. I could do with time to edit images but am anxious to get on with work.

#commission #JaneAusten #PleinAir @JaneAustenHouse #Hampshire @HantsCulture #Watercolour #WeeklyBlog #sketchbook

The Bake House and Kitchen, Wednesday 25th January. 
The kitchen is interesting – to me especially as I like to cook – but I worry it is rather twee! Haven’t quite got inside its visual interest yet – but the bake house ….used by the whole village ….has a fabulous ‘copper’ where water would also have been heated for laundry etc – great colour – great shape – great patterns inside. Are they like rivets ? Must find out! And I will need much larger paper – the copper is 24″ across –

Having thought I’d work small in this smaller old house, both with the table and this copper, I feel it needs to be represented real size….shopping required! Water colour paper shopping!

#commission #JaneAusten #PleinAir @JaneAustenHouse #Hampshire @HantsCulture @JAusten200

Ink and first watercolour of the Writing Table. Tuesday 24th January.

So sorry to post late! A busy day today.!

All my images have loaded in reverse order! I’m a technical genius!
A day of sketches – (not shown) – and colour mixing – and finding out! Looking is a crucial stage of any artwork. 

Studying the table top carefully, so as to be able to draw and paint it, is fascinating.
The tiny scratches, rings, holes, splits and subtle colour variations tell a story themselves. My imagination runs riot about who, when, how and where the marks were made. Unfortunately the tale top marks are written in a language I don’t speak, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to imagine the events which may have lead to the tables condition.
It’s history. It’s surface is magnetically attractive, and aesthetically appealing. I began to work first in ink, and then in watercolour.
The weather is very cold and drying wet work is a challenge. The room is a heritage setting and heated minimally.  I finished with my first table top watercolour half complete.

Sadly I then had to wait all week before a chance to finish the watercolour – the decorator arrives to paint the room and I have to work elsewhere.

February 17th will see the table leave for a period of protective renovation. I hope to spend as much time with it as possible before then, after the decorator has had his turn.

It’s so early in the year that by the end of the afternoons the light has mostly gone, and evening is well on its way. 

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What? Why? How? Where? When?

Answers to these questions, and how to make your own sketchbook from scratch this Saturday !



#sketchbooks #drawing #Hampshire @HantsCulture @AshcroftArts 

I’m all prepared for Saturday and looking forward to making sketchbooks, and talking about keeping them, with people at Ashcroft Art Centre in Fareham. 

Some places still available if you are free. This link should get you to the right part of the booking website 😀


@AshcroftArts @HantsCulture #Hampshire #drawing #exhibition


I’ve spent the last day (or so) rehanging my work at Ashcroft Arts Centre for my exhibition there. We are now all ready for the first visitors later this afternoon when we open – and the cake is made!

Looking forward to meeting you all later on at the PV. Or call in before 21sr October 😀