First day of Hampshire Open Studios 2019! 😊

This picture says it all – probably my busiest Hampshire Open Studios days ever for me yesterday. This is my 6th year. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME. I was too busy hosting to paint!

The flowers were a bit dead yesterday, I wonder if I’ll get anywhere near finishing it today before they completely die, or whether I’ll be wiping the board as a failure. 🤞It’s a failure and I have lots more guests today 😊THIS YEAR I have the option to buy a PRINT of my work if the original out of range. They are pre order-able….so ask me more when you come! ☕️🚽August 18-22nd. 10-5pm NB 11-8pm on 22nd. East Street in Fareham. PO16 0BW DM for more info or find @hantsopenstudios #hampshireopenstudios2019 @crownpaintsuk @crownpaintportsmouth #oilpainting #observationalart #galifornia #galicia #rome @stbarbe @theartacafemy @pintar_rapido @contemporaryartfairs #arundelcastle #ink #watercolour #oilpainting @royaltalensuk @sundaytimeswatercolourwatercolourcompetition


And we’re off….

Please come along and see!

HAMPSHIRE OPEN STUDIOS 🎉☕️🚽August 17-22nd. 10-5pm NB 11-8pm on 22nd. East Street in Fareham. PO16 0BW DM for more info or find @hantsopenstudios #hampshireopenstudios2019 @crownpaintsuk @crownpaintportsmouth #oilpainting #observationalart #galifornia #galicia #rome @stbarbe @theartacafemy @pintar_rapido @contemporaryartfairs #arundelcastle #ink #watercolour #oilpainting @royaltalensuk @sundaytimeswatercolourwatercolourcompetition


This year I have prints available
Boats and HMS Warrior.

Ink all the way up the hall!

All my ink work is in the hall this year for @hampshireopenstudios and I’ve got the banner and arrows all set to put out on Friday evening to help guide visitors in! Looking forward to sharing this year’s output with you all. I’ve only two things out that were done before last Hampshire Open Studios so lots of new things to see!

#fareham #hampshire #ink #openstudios #boats @phdockyard #HMSWarrior @sloanestanleychelsea #chelseafirestation @tebayservices @crownpaintportsmouth Hampshire Open Studios starts Saturday Please come along! ☕️🚽August 17-22nd. 10-5pm NB 11-8pm on 22nd. East Street in Fareham. PO16 0BW DM for more info or find @hantsopenstudios

Busy Bee! And Instagram link!!
It’s been a busy year! Almost as busy as this bee on my hollyhocks ! I put these pictures in my window today. Hanging is hung …! (video PV’s soon!)
One of the good things for me about Hampshire Open Studios, is the opportunity to take stock and see where I am and the things that have happened in the preceding year; both as events and as developments in my work. What mostly strikes me is how busy and well travelled I’ve been this year! Directly after last year’s Open Studios we went to Northern Spain ⛰🏖🥂(back there soon so watch this space..!), done battle with self portraits👩🏻‍🎨and the #zornpalette over the winter , been to Rome 😘, ‘residented’ in Aspex gallery, Scotland 🥾🥾and the Isle of Skye🏔🏕, spent time with my friends in my Lymington ⛵️and The Art Academy in London 🎨 (for two different things!), been a judge at Pintar Rapido in Chelsea 🙏 🐩🐕🐾, painted in Dorset with @britpleinair, been to Somerset and visited with @david_a_parfitt_ri 🖼, I’ve been to my first proper art fair in Newbury 🐎, walked, camped and painted in beautiful Arundel 🏰, and have an exhibition in the Mall Galleries to look forward to ….Ahhh!!! There are a few bits and bobs still to do – but I’m mostly ready. Hampshire Open Studios is next week!!!! starting week Saturday – Please come along and see all about it! ☕️🚽August 17-22nd. 10-5pm NB 11-8pm on 22nd. East Street in Fareham. PO16 0BW DM for more info or find @hantsopenstudios #hampshireopenstudios2019 #oilpainting #observationalart #galifornia #galicia #rome @stbarbemuseum @theartacademylondon @pintar_rapido @contemporaryartfairs #arundelcastle #ink #watercolour #oilpainting @royaltalensuk @Aspexgallery #thesundaytimeswatercolourcompetition @crownpaintsuk @crownpaintportsmouth

Almost Pintar Rapido time!

THANK YOU KINGSROADCHELSEA ❤️- looking forward to seeing you all Saturday #Repost @kingsroadchelsea with @get_repost


This weekend it’s @pintar_rapido again. If you would like to spend the day painting this #Saturday and exhibit at #ChelseaTownHall this #Sunday there’s still time to sign up. Beginners welcome. 🙏 to @sloanestanleychelsea and other sponsors for the prizes. If you are near Chelsea Fire Station say hello to artist @kimwhitbyart who will be painting there. #kingsroad #chelsea #neighbourhood #ink #pleinair @britpleinair #observationalart


Ever fancied trying #Watercolour ? I’m delighted to have been asked by @theartacademylondon to trial a taster day with Watercolour for them on July 27th. The Art Academy is close to Borough Market and this fun introductory day lasts from 10.30-4.30. If you like it I also run a 10 week course for them in the Spring. *Contact the academy to book! Fancy popping along? @rogerbeckett ?

I can hardly believe that @pintar_rapido is almost here! There’s still time to join us though for a fun day of #pleinair art in London. I’ve met so many nice people on my days there! Hope you guys give it a try! Here’s my piece from 2016 in progress 🤞for another hot day! Painting (drawing/collage/pastel/ink/watercolour/oil….guideline online) day Saturday 22nd and Judging day and exhibition 23rd June in the Old Town Hall on the #KingsRoad in #Chelsea

New My Story on Instagram.

5 mile warm up walk to get to #macleodsmaidens #Skye #isleofskye #scotland See My Story for more….#pleinairpainting #pleinair @britpleinair @jacksons_art

#ink @pintarrapido #SaatchiGallery piece on the #wall @lanewaycoffeeleeonthesolent #LeeOnTheSolent #Hampshire #Gosport #yesterday 

Lovely to see my #ink @pintarrapido #SaatchiGallery piece on the #wall @lanewaycoffeeleeonthesolent #LeeOnTheSolent #Hampshire #Gosport #yesterday alongside its sister artwork #LanewayCafe #commission.

Also made time for lovely #coffee but held back on #delicious #cake 😇

Thanks for collecting #original #artwork and supporting an artist ❤️

#OpenStudio 25th and 26th November. See website for details

@DalerRowney @Aandlmagazine @CASSART @pintarrapido #pleinair #britpleinair #ChelseaTownHall #KingsRoad 

Today was Pintar Rapido…the plein air art competition on the Kings Rd in Chelsea Town Hall. I worked besides Sloane Gardens and later the Saatchi Gallery. Hello to all the nice people I met. Hope to see you tomorrow for the exhibition 12-5.30pm!! Until then…goodnight I’m shattered!

@PintarRapido @SkyArts #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear #TV #news

Thank you so much Pintar Rapido for this photo – part of my BIG Summer, which culminates by seeing me on TV! as part of Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2016. 

See my News and Events page on for all the details!

So exciting!

@hantsopenstudios #Hampshire @AshcroftArts @pintarrapido

   Here’s an action shot of me making my winning entry to Pintar Rapido in London this weekend. You can watch me work again at Ashcroft Arts Centre during Hampshire Open Studios where I shall be artist in residence. Look forward to meeting you 🙂