Windsor Art Fair

It’s the last day of @contemporaryartfairs #Windsor …..and the first time I’ve had chance to post! The event has been hectic with visitors to meet and share my work with. I’ve some very charming new collectors for which I am very grateful….THANK YOU but that means the wall behind me (see here at the PV

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I’ve been having fun painting, wiping,repainting these between visitors and heavy showers ? the last two days…might wipe this too. The colours are better and I love the sprouting shapes but the florets are making me cross! If you want to see a cross artist please head on over…. long! ☕️?Open today and until August

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Almost Pintar Rapido time!

THANK YOU KINGSROADCHELSEA ❤️- looking forward to seeing you all Saturday #Repost @kingsroadchelsea with @get_repost ・・・ This weekend it’s @pintar_rapido again. If you would like to spend the day painting this #Saturday and exhibit at #ChelseaTownHall this #Sunday there’s still time to sign up. Beginners welcome. ? to @sloanestanleychelsea and other sponsors for the prizes.

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Drawing Strategies Workshop at St Barbe Gallery and Museum.

Back with my friends @stbarbemuseum today for a Drawing Strategies workshop day. Thank you enthusiastic participants! Great effort and well done to all! See you soon to work on #composition #drawing #teachingart #workshop #artworkshop #negativespaces #gesturaldrawing #tone #visualelements #line #pattern #shapeandspace #workingfromlife #selfie

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