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Remember to tune in to Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year at 8pm tonight to see the semifinal, and discover which if the six wildcards wins a place in the semi final too.
Here’s a photo kindly sent to me from a fellow Stowe wildcard, showing me sharing Frank Skinner’s brolly – and there aren’t many people who can say they’ve done that! 

@PintarRapido @SkyArts #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear #TV #news

Thank you so much Pintar Rapido for this photo – part of my BIG Summer, which culminates by seeing me on TV! as part of Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2016. 

See my News and Events page on kimwhitby.com for all the details!

So exciting!

@SkyArts #LandscapeArtistOfTheYear #TV #news

EXCITING NEWS “I can now tell people that I have been involved with the Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 2016 TV programme and that at some point between now and the episode on the 15th November I will be on TV!” And that’s all I can say for now. All very exciting. I’ll let you know as soon as I find out any more details! ”

Here’s a trailer video link …I hope ..


I am so sorry if I haven’t contacted you personally yet. I have so many people I want to tell and it has been very difficult keeping this news to myself. I’ll be in touch!