Jammie Dodgers

So I’ll be taking a rest from food still life for a while – 🥑🍋🍰but def feel like some larger studies with food await in the future. 🎨They have been great subjects to think about paint with…and fun! I’ll be taking them along to Burford Winter Craft Fair in December🤶🏻 (see details below) and also Bath Art Fair in February. DM for details – (framed works as seen on picture two £45-£280🎁) So why not pop along on December14th and grab an original painting as a gift for a foodie friend?🎄
Sat 14th Dec – 11-4pm
OX18 4RY
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To Spain……

Leaving, travelling and arriving in Spain – not necessarily shown in the correct order 😉 ……watercolour sketches of The Isle of Wight, the wake from the ship #capfinistaire and Santander cliffs. @brittanyferries @royaltalensuk #watercolour #watercolour @britpleinair #pleinair #Spain #Cantabria @moleskine #rembrandtwatercolour

Beetroot – no tops!

I had to screw the tops off the beetroot today as it had gone a bit floppy! Tried working in #watercolour and #oilpaint at the same time but wiped the oil in the end. Needless to say – a wet rainy day outside🌧

Graffham West Sussex

So a rather soggy tour around the Graffham area on Saturday. Took my watercolours and found this amazing old Chestnut tree but too wet to continue painting…we walked though and clocked up another 14 miles. Love the way the stormy colours in my palette echo the sky! Check out my substitute water pot!! Dog waste bag folded over a gum Arabic bottle. 😉 #observationalart #watercolor #watercolour #Chestnut #tree @royaltalensuk #rembrandtwatercolour #WestSussex #rain #paintingintherain @britpleinair #pleinair

New watercolours.

Been playing with some new Watercolour the last few days between making coffee for external decorators!….anyway they are rather nice! The watercolours that is….decorators very well behaved! #watercolor #watercolour #beetroot #peonies #pomegranate @royaltalensuk #observationalart #stilllife

Small dog 2!

So as to be completely fair and protect myself from any family accusations of favouritism- Another small dog sleeping on a rug….by the fire of course!! Fluffiest dog in the uk! #workingfromlife #zornpalette #workonpaper #saunderswaterford #watercolor #watercolour @st_cuthberts_mill @winsorandnewton #jackrussellterrier #afganrugs #rug

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Wednesday 1st February!
Wet wet wet!

Where is the sun to help with some good colours and tones? Never mind – table top beckons…

I have three watercolour table tops on the go. Today I wanted to put more, deeper, and some brighter washes with wax resist on to them. It took longer than expected but drying washes takes time. I’m interested in the wax on the surface – also think I need some Gum Arabic in a few washes too. Can’t decide about including or omitting the ink bottle and quill.

Next I worked on the Donkey Cart again. I’ve been doing a measured drawing (sightsize) to work out how it is constructed. It’s a fairly standard (and to me boring ) composition that I have been working on, but working it through; looking at its relationships, mathematical elements, and patterns have given me an idea of where to go with it next. As it has some provenance to connect it directly to Jane Austen (as with the table) I would like to make it part of my final work.
More art materials required too – a significant shopping list of items became necessary today.

A sketch on board – colour far too ….wrong! Can’t think what I mean – but I know it’s wrong.

During the afternoon it dried up enough to begin some of the planned oil pieces (see thumbnail sketches beneath) which I hope to do; looking back into Jane’s working room through the window and including the hearth and kettle. This was a room where the family had breakfast and would make tea. Breakfast was frequently a chore which fell to Jane, and including both the practical and occupational aspect of the room seems appropriate.
I see the weather forecast for Friday is very poor. (wet) – Oil paint (outdoors only in this special and historic setting) will be a challenge.

I use the front and back covers of my Moleskin watercolour sketch books for pencil thumbnails….working out drawings for compositional stuff!!