Washing Line

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Washing line! Here’s my final offering for The Artist magazine – arriving a little late but postal workers have far more important things deliver I’m sure! As part of #artistsupportpledge I’d like to also offer all three of the originals for this series for sale today. 1. *SOLD 🙏*Washing line 53x53cms ink on paper Unframed Rolled AND posted £200 *SOLD🙏 2. Available- Fish on a plate. Ink on paper Framed size 31x39cms and posted £155 3. Available-Bath; The Circus, ink on paper 39x31cm Framed size and posted £155 PLEASE DM to buy via SumUp online link 😉🙏 The last photo here is the scene I set up in my small back garden ….an idea for @isolationartschool participants maybe?? @paintersonline #ink @winsorandnewton #Fareham #theartistmagazine #fish #Bath #washing @artistsupportpledge @stbarbemuseum @artacademylondon @artistoftheyear @bathsocietyofartists

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Buy the Artist Magazine and have a go #isolationartschool !

Thank you from Bath! 🙏🎨

Part Two
Part One

Hello! And a massive thank you 🙏 to everyone who made the effort to visit me in Bath this weekend. ❤️
A special message of gratitude to my new collectors. Please do remember to send a photo once hung. I love seeing my work in it’s new home 🎨 Your support is invaluable and greatly appreciated. ❤️

It’s been a hectic few days since as well with Lymington teaching on Monday @stbarbemuseum ( and a trip to Oxfordshire today! but more about that another time!)
Here’s an in-action #ink video or two from the fair. Yes….I always work in a dress and earrings 😉
Fab to catch up with artist friends, make new artist friends and share in their camaraderie. Thanks to all @bathartfair too of course🙏 and thanks @nancychambersart for the camera work 😉

drawing @winsorandnewton @st_cuthberts_mill


Ever fancied trying #Watercolour ? I’m delighted to have been asked by @theartacademylondon to trial a taster day with Watercolour for them on July 27th. The Art Academy is close to Borough Market and this fun introductory day lasts from 10.30-4.30. If you like it I also run a 10 week course for them in the Spring. *Contact the academy to book! https://artacademy.org.uk/ Fancy popping along? @rogerbeckett ?

I can hardly believe that @pintar_rapido is almost here! There’s still time to join us though for a fun day of #pleinair art in London. I’ve met so many nice people on my days there! Hope you guys give it a try! Here’s my piece from 2016 in progress 🤞for another hot day! Painting (drawing/collage/pastel/ink/watercolour/oil….guideline online) day Saturday 22nd and Judging day and exhibition 23rd June in the Old Town Hall on the #KingsRoad in #Chelsea

Day two at Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth.

Some sketching to kick the day off to my second day at Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth as artist in residence. Really enjoying the space in more ways than one! Thank you Aspex! @aspexportsmouth @winsorandnewton @moleskine @seawhiteofbrighton #camberdocks @gunwharfquays @gunwharfquaysmarina #artistresidency

Lovely news from Pintar Rapido on Instagram!

#Repost @pintar_rapido with @get_repost THANK YOU PINTAR RAPIDO! Delighted to have been asked to be part of the judging panel this year! See you all in June….I’ll be painting too(non competitive of course) on the Saturday….couldn’t miss out on the fun…Get your Artist’s Pass to take part. You’ve got to be in it to win it. I won on my first attempt 😉 Repost….


Kim Whitby , v talented artist and previous Pintar winner will be joining us as a judge this year 😊@kimwhitbyart . Read more https://www.pintarrapido.com/london/prize.html

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So as it is #tbt and with the help of the new swiping App I can post these two I’ve not posted before from my MA and time on #HMSVictory in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard. I was very fortunate to be granted access to work onboard as part of my final MA exhibition preparations. A truly unique opportunity to draw onboard ….here’s the Great Cabin and lower deck with anchor ports 🥰 I sat in Nelson’s Cabin from the Battle of Trafalgar. Special memories 🙏#throwbackthursday #swipeable #panorama @AberUni #historicdockyard #Nelson #AdmiralLordNelson #ink #workingfromlife #observationalpainting @StCuthbertsMill @WinsorandNewton #panorama #swipeable #swiperight #swipeleft #panols #pannify #spincle #instaswipe #instapan #instagrid #tinyplanet #360photography #panoramaview #photosphere #pano #360 #panoramic #360photo

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Small dog 2!

So as to be completely fair and protect myself from any family accusations of favouritism- Another small dog sleeping on a rug….by the fire of course!! Fluffiest dog in the uk! #workingfromlife #zornpalette #workonpaper #saunderswaterford #watercolor #watercolour @st_cuthberts_mill @winsorandnewton #jackrussellterrier #afganrugs #rug

Sleeping dog on a rug.

Small dog sleeping on a rug….by the fire of course!! Well it is rather cold today for dogs and people. #workingfromlife #zornpalette #workonpaper #saunderswaterford #watercolor #watercolour @st_cuthberts_mill @winsorandnewton #jackrussellterrier #afganrugs #rug


Having a review! I knew that self portraiture had captured my interest – but seeing most of my efforts laid out in the hall – all 29 of them – is really a bit alarming!! And scary. Good to focus on one thing for a while though. #ink #watercolour #watercolor #saunderswaterford #mirrorselfie #selfportrait #workonpaper #profilepictures #profile #oilpainting #workingfromlife #portrait #drawing #zornpalette @st_cuthberts_mill @winsorandnewton

Fabulous Art Materials for my Adventure!

Anyone joining me on my trip? I’ve spent the last couple of days packing up for an adventure. About 4 years ago I made my first wet painting carrier from a design shared by the great #pleinair artist I follow @marc_dalessio and I have just repeated the plan (slightly adapted) in a larger scale. I attended a fabulous course by him in 2016 at #TheWelshAcademyArt. I also had a lovely delivery from @jacksons_art to go with my @moleskine sketchbooks and favourite @winsorandnewton #drawingink and #oilpaint . I will be trying out some @jacksons_art #linenboards , #watercolours and @rosemarybrushes for the first time. I am taking the same @seawhiteofbrighton sketchbook that my #royalsocietyofmarineartists entry came from! (So excited to be heading to @mallgalleries later in the Autumn …..I’m very random in how my sketchbooks get filled up!) really looking forward to getting off later today. Who’s coming too?