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"Kim is a brilliant, honest, generous tutor and experienced artist, really tries to understand what you want to achieve and help work towards it. Highly recommended".
GG Plein Air Malvern 2021

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Taught Watercolour Day Workshop (with simple Colour Theory)



NOW ON Friday 27th January 2023 10-4pm


Join Kim for a workshop day of COLOUR!

Colour Workshop Day : A fun and practical exploration of colour to lift your artwork to a new level. 

Enjoy learning how understanding a little colour theory can lift your artwork into a new direction. Very practical. 

A morning of teaching with watercolour materials provided and an afternoon of application in the medium of your choice (or you may use the watercolour materials provided with the course into the afternoon also)

Suitable for all who work in colour. (Watercolourists/oil painters/acrylic artists/pencil and pastel artists….)

 Materials provided to work in watercolour, but you may bring your own if preferred or wish to use another medium, particularly in the afternoon. 

EMAIL ME TO check availability and *book when I send an online payment link kiminthecloud@me.com

Tea and coffee provided – BYO lunch (or pop out for the hour!)

*BOOKING ADVICE FOR ALL WORKSHOPS AND COURSES-Please book directly with me.-Bookings accepted in the order that they are received.-Payment secures booking (online link)-Minimum and maximum numbers – course will be confirmed as soon as the minimum of bookings are made.NB No refunds after the course is confirmed as running. I promise all requests will be dealt with in the order which they are received…and ASAP

Composition; developing a considered artwork.

13th and 14th Feb 2023


Bring your own materials. Advice given a month or so prior to the course.

A two day workshop considering common compositional approaches, and ways to develop an artwork (or series of artworks).

How to set about developing a more considered artwork. 

What are possible developmental stages and helpful stages to research?

What are traditional ways of setting out a composition?

How big should I work? 

What shape should my work be?

DAY ONE (10-4pm) 

The first day will involve a demonstration and talk by me about how I go about gathering what I need to develop a composition. 

We will then make drawings together in an outdoor setting – some longer studies and some quicker sketches. In various scales and media.

DAY TWO (10-4pm)

Day two will begin with a presentation about traditional approaches to composition, an exercise or two to unpick some well known works in terms of composition and then the remainder of the day will spent evolving these ideas into preparatory drawings using your own research.

Each day will culminate with a short review and reflection on what we have done.

By the end of the two days you will have experienced developing a more considered artwork. You will have gained a better understanding of some of the different traditional compositional approaches. You will have made lots of preparatory drawings.  

Sketching and collecting research. Selecting and planning. Making a plan of action.

Tea and coffee provided  (bring your own lunch or pop out)

*BOOKING ADVICE FOR ALL WORKSHOPS AND COURSES-Please book directly with me.-Bookings accepted in the order that they are received.-Payment secures booking (online link)-Minimum and maximum numbers – course will be confirmed as soon as the minimum of bookings are made.NB No refunds after the course is confirmed as running. I promise all requests will be dealt with in the order which they are received…and ASAP!



Mornings 9-12


Meet weekly – location weather dependent but often working from my base*, for a MENTORED SESSION in medium of your choice and individual subject matter.
Kim Whitby works ‘en plein air’ and will coach and support you working in the outdoors too by providing teaching support in both drawing and painting in the medium of your choice.
You will initiate your project and have individual input and coaching, to help you along the way, whilst having the companionship of fellow artists. This is not a formally taught course but Kim is able to help with most drawing and painting struggles at an individual level. She can help with any practical plein air considerations.
(minimum and maximum numbers) *with hot drinks/loo/place to warm up/practical support if you forget anything etc
EMAIL ME TO check availability and book* when I send an online payment link kiminthecloud@me.com
*BOOKING ADVICE FOR ALL WORKSHOPS AND COURSES-Please book directly with me.-Bookings accepted in the order that they are received.-Payment secures booking (online link)-Minimum and maximum numbers – course will be confirmed as soon as the minimum of bookings are made.NB. No refunds after course is confirmed as running. I AM AWAY TEACHING 10-15th SEPT – don’t worry if there is a delay in my reply – I promise all requests will be dealt with in the order which they are received…and ASAP!



5 WEEK blocks (20 in total) –  

(option to change to Zoom delivery/delay the start if necessary re C19)

New dates to be set…

“I have taught wet drawing skills in various guises for some years in a mixture of places; London, Hampshire Sussex and now I bring my experience to Worcestershire. 

Join me to methodically unpick the processes, skills and concepts required to work on paper in a contemporary manner, but where the paper acts as the white as it does in traditional watercolour paintings.” 

Learn more about controlling, sequencing, planning and understanding a wet work on paper. Visit the key visual concepts of tone, line, pattern, texture, colour and shapes and spaces. 

Suitable for aspiring watercolourists….frustrated watercolourists and anyone intrigued by lovely tonal ink!

Taught in 2 hour weekly evening sessions of 5 nights at a time (20 sessions in total) Best begun at the beginning for maximum benefit. 

EMAIL ME TO check availability and provisionally book when I send an online payment link kiminthecloud@me.com

Kim Whitby was a finalist in Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2016, and was subsequently invited to teach by Tai Shan Schierenberg when he was Head of Painting in a well known London Academy. Kim devised and wrote a course in wet drawing techniques where both ink and watercolour are explored; which is her wet drawing. She now teaches this and other ways of working in various settings. 

NB This IS NOT  a course in pen and wash.

Over the full 20 weeks you will…

Start to become familiar with the unique qualities and properties of water based mediums.

Be helped to develop your drawing skills.

Practically explore a range of techniques used with wet drawing.

Developing tonal awareness practically using ink.

Explore the visual elements of line, tone, pattern, shape and space and colour practically in a composition.

Start to develop a range of mark making strategies and vocabulary.

Be given planning guidance about how to tackle a work on paper, where the paper acts as the lightest tone or colour.

Be introduced to how to build washes and depth in a work on paper, and start to use resists and other materials  to make a variety of different marks and/or results.

See how ink skills translate effortlessly into watercolour working.

Learn some simple, but very practical colour theory, to employ when using watercolour. 

Explore working at various scales and speeds.

Consider the practicality of water based media for outdoor ‘en plein air ‘ sketching.

Learn skills which are useful in all aspects of drawing and art.

By the end of the full course you will have…

Explored working and mark making in both ink and Watercolour on a variety of scales and to a variety of levels of finish, developing an awareness of the medium’s unique qualities.

Considered the six key visual elements practically and theoretically. 

Begun to develop strategies when tackling a work on paper where the paper acts as the white. 

Extended your drawing into a fresh direction. 

Sketched! Made explorations. Made drawings. Explored the process of working wet on paper. 

EMAIL ME to check availability and provisionally book* via payment link kiminthecloud@me.com

This is a taught course where you will learn wet drawing skills in both ink and watercolour.


tea and coffee provided

(minimum and maximum numbers)

-Please book directly with me. I am my own secretary!
-Bookings accepted in the order that they are received.
-Payment secures booking (online link)
-Minimum and maximum numbers) – course will be confirmed as soon as the minimum of books are made.
NB. No refunds after course is confirmed as running. Full refunds if I am unable to offer the course as stated.

Kim Whitby also teaches regularly - online and in person for....


ART GROUPS AND SOCIETIES – Fancy getting back into action after covid on a Day or Evening course with your art group*?

In person or via Zoom. Can your members access a Zoom link at home?  If so lets do it!  I can lead 10-98 members in a full day or evening workshop, with your support. Costs as per day/evening actual demonstrations.  Please email to find out more. kiminthecloud@icloud.com  *I can deliver sessions on Drawing/Drawing Strategies/Watercolour/Ink/Composition/Key Visual Elements….in fact any of the art basics.  

Remember I am a qualified and Experienced Teacher; Kim Whitby BEd Art MA. I have a portable DBS.


Kim Whitby B.Ed (Hons)Art, MA Fine Art.

Kim has an art teaching degree and has taught for organisations, galleries, private groups, societies, museums, colleges, classes academies and also individuals. Please use the contact page to message me  for more information.

Her flexibility and experience as an educator, has lead her to teach through from three year olds to ninety year old learners. She has taught across the primary sector, including in Special Educational settings with children. Since completing her own MA she especially enjoys teaching the skills, concepts and knowledge required for adults to develop their own artistic capabilities. She has worked with memory groups of older artists, on art excursions and  has experience delivering virtual learning.

She has a degree specialism in art teaching and early years from King Alfred’s College in Winchester, and has a Fine Art Masters Degree from Aberystwyth University.

She holds a current and portable DBS (formerly CRB) and is insured with a-n artists insurance.

“In 2012 I went back to college myself to complete a part time Masters Degree in Fine Art. I was frustrated with my own artwork and knew as an educationalist, that by putting myself in a setting where art was taught all the time, and surrounding myself with experienced art tutors, that I would get further faster….and as you get older you want to get as far as you can as fast as you can. However my educational experienced turned out to be a multifaceted  process. By becoming a formal learner again, I  did indeed become a better artist, but I also inadvertently became a better teacher. By a process of reflecting on what I learnt, how I learnt and what helped me to develop I gained an insight into adult learning in a first hand manner. This now enables me to empathetically fascilitate the learning of fellow artists, at all their individual and differing artistic stages”.  Kim Whitby 2020

Education and Qualifications

Aberystwyth University, Master of Fine Art, 2012-2014.
Winchester, King Alfred’s College, Art Bachelor of Education Honours Degree, 1989-1993 Carmarthen College of Technology and Art, Foundation Art Course, 1987-1988.
Ysgol Gyfun Aberaeron, Wales, A level Art and Design.

Private tuition available. Kim is currently based in Fareham, Hampshire. She will travel to teach.


Are you an artist without a formal teaching background, who has been asked to teach and would like a little support planning how to go about it?

I am able to offer teaching guidance in a collaborative coaching style, enabling you to present a coherent and effective learning experience where you can share your artistic expertise with confidence.

Complete confidentiality assured. Virtual. Informal. Friendly. Experienced. An hour can really help!

Drop me a message via my contact page, or DM me on Instagram.

Here’s some feedback from a happy artist client I worked with for an hour….

“I don’t think that could have gone any better! I did my guinea pig run and took a few boring things out…..and it went by the numbers.  The new technology……kept me on the straight and narrow but more importantly, everyone loved it. I got great interaction from them and they produced some great work!…Thank you so much for your help. There was a woman there who attended my last workshop. She came over at the end and said how completely different this one had been and how much she had enjoyed it.” BR Artist


A few comments from student artists…although Kim is usually so busy supporting learners on a teaching day that she always forgets to ask for reviews. Do drop her a line if she has taught you and you’d like to add a comment. Many thanks!
“Just wanted to say thank you for today, I enjoyed it very much. As a beginner I was a little apprehensive but your approach and teaching of the session made me feel at ease. I enjoyed all aspects of the course and learnt a lot from it. So once again thank you.” PM 2021 Workshop ~Ink 

“Art Academy watercolour and ink course – Kim Whitby is an excellent teacher.  She is well-organised, uses appropriate resources, manages time well, has an easy and friendly manner and freely offers the benefit of her own considerable skills and experience.During the Watercolour and Ink course at The Art Academy I felt that I learned a lot about materials and techniques, produced some work with which I am pleased and thoroughly enjoyed myself at the same time.” GH@AAL2019

“Through this 10 days class I feel I’ve learned so much about Watercolour and Inks and, most importantly, how to find my own language. Everything in a fun and supportive environment in which we learned a lot. Kim encouraged us to tackle large scales, tried some Plein Air and quick sketches from life: a class that taught us to explore painting and drawing beyond the medium itself.” SL@AAL 2019

“…good because [the] pace and the exercises are all great. The day progresses well and builds on prior week. Great slides too!” AAL 2017

“I enjoyed my 10 week course with you at the Art Academy very very much – even though I found painting in watercolours my greatest challenge……….I found my time with you and all the other students to be a gr8 experience.  You demonstrated so many ways to paint, including figure drawing and still life.  You are an excellent,  gifted, and patient teacher and were able to teach us so much about this complicated media.  Anyone who’s thinking of learning to paint in watercolours should book  up early with you in order to get a place and enjoy this wonderful relaxing fun time……..Cheers to you  Kim.” DY@AAL 2017

“I’m learning lots – teaching [us] concrete techniques….incremental….lots of feed back!!” AAL 2017

“Interesting, varied and well presented” L@LAGM

“Very good, covered a lot” RJ@LAGM

“I like the practice sessions and looking at everyone’s art and commenting” AAL 2017

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