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Good morning all!
Some of you have joined me for my introduction to painting using oil paint, either privately, in Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth or in Aschcroft Arts Centre in Fareham.
I have been asked to offer this Workshop, and a general taster session in ArtSway (Sway, New Forest) for Inspire And Create, on November 13th.
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great beginnings in oil
If you would like to join us, or know someone else who would like to try oil painting, please share or look at the links to Inspire And Create’s website below….Inspire and Create offer predominantly craft workshops but they have been asked to offer more art teaching and this is where maybe I come in…..
You may book through them online of telephone them directly.
Art Sway,
Station Road,
SO41 6BA
Here are a few photos of participants achievements in previous Introductions to Oil Painting courses with me, to inspire you too!!
Didn’t they do well!!
Best wishes and many thanks,

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