Windsor Art Fair

The planned Contemporary Art Fairs Windsor event for this year cannot go ahead. Last year was the first time I had attended and it is disappointing not to be returning in person this year….however the organisers are running a virtual event and I am taking part….and giving a live tour of my sketchbooks and short demonstration in using ink. This will be on Saturday 14th November at 3.20pm and you can get a free entry by clicking this button below to register and book a place. There are also free gifts for some who register …so why not try your luck?

I will be showing some sketchbooks, explaining how these are part of my practice and doing a small ink demonstration. There will be an opportunity to ask questions too, so please use the button to register your interest. I am not able to arrange this for you sadly. the event runs from Friday 13th November until Sunday 22nd.

Hope to see you there!

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