Have you seen a piece of mine which is sold and would like something similar? Maybe the original was too small or too big for your home? These are usually straightforward commission projects so please do get in touch. 

You might like the way I work but have your own subject matter in mind? A special place or item? A special occasion to mark or a new house to transform into your home? I am happy to work in a range of media, for varied budgets and and in all sorts of sizes. Please message with your ideas or dreams.

Or you may be representing an organisation looking to commission a more substantial project? I have commissioned for organisations (The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Jane Austen’s House Museum and Hampshire Cultural Trust, and The National Trust for Ireland). I am also happy to consider commissioning approaches for merchandising projects,  I but do not generally produce reproduction prints.

Please email your project for my consideration however small or substantial.

Please be aware that I never work exclusively from photographs and work as much as possible on site or from life luckily I am never happier than travelling the UK with my paints so get in touch!

You can watch a short impromtu video explanation of how my commissioning process works by clicking HERE

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