Beach stones on a slate windowsill- Aberaeron, West Wales. 


I had the chance to make two sketch book sketches. It was a warm sunny day but the sun made a great deal of progress between the two drawings, and the shadows moved considerably. The slate windowsill is a complex purple colour. 

I had a lovely comment about this which I replied to, but for some reason it’s not appeared here! Confused…….

3 thoughts on “Beach stones on a slate windowsill- Aberaeron, West Wales. ”

  1. I love how “alive” your paintings look here! I’m always hesitant to take on a subject that doesn’t have much color to it…but you did such a wonderful job with this. I’m now inspired to look at the little scenes of life, and not just the big colorful ones. Thanks for sharing your art.

  2. Really kind of you – I spent a long time during my MA learning about using a quite limited pallet- this was pretty much just Brown ochre, Cobalt blue and lake Crimson. It’s amazing how much colour you can get with so little.

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