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Tuesday 7th February… So here I am in action…in the sun!

Whoops – looks like Darren the decorator has inadvertently ‘bombed’ my photo sanding the window inside! ….I’ve edited him out! 

Lovely flowery table covering protection for the path too…(which I inherited from Mum – used to be on her kitchen table.) I have to make sure the oils don’t leave any drips on the historic path!!

Blocking in….A fabulously sunny day at last. ..and by lunchtime actually quite warm. I was in only one jumper at one point!!!! 

I am working outside today (good colours and tonal contrast) on the views looking into Jane’s writing room (the dining room) where I can see her table and the hearth where she made the breakfast tea. It is strange to know that she sat here in the sun too; watching the world she knew well and writing about it. Very special to look back into where much of her art was created and make some about that myself. 

At home in Wales the older rural houses were built and positioned on sites which caught the maximum sun light. This breakfast room has lovely sun and heat from the sun. It can’t be an accident this room was for mornings.

Today I am also waiting for an order of very large paper to arrive from RK Burt!

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