#DéjàVu #WellingtonSquare #Chelsea #ink #drawing #PleinAir

 Here I am again, in beautiful Wellington Square in Chelsea. The weather was somewhat cooler and a few showers made for more of a challenge. Met lots of lovely people again! What a friendly bunch you Chelsea – I’ll post the finished picture for you to see in a few days 😀

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  1. I can’t wait! I can see how your subject/scene can be perfect for an ink drawing/painting……city scenes doesn’t inspire me to paint though I can see why you would use this as an ink drawing and what you have painted before was fantastic….

  2. Very kind Margaret. I have (as a young lady) an engineering drawing background, which has helped me enjoy the challenge of a building. I couldn’t tackle most of a scene like this, in a day in colour as well…..just yet!
    I enjoy the problem solving challenge that a large piece gives you – especially when you need to plan the sequence, as you do with water based medium. Thank you for your support in following me. Kim

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